Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The media in America is lying to us. What is going on in Turkey?

What is really going in Turkey?  

Is this a domestic reaction to tyranny or this apart of a George Soros, Saudi false flag, Muslim Brotherhood power grab?  I just don't want the good people of Turkey to suffer who have for decades since its nationhood have been faithful allies to the American people and to freedom.  I asked two two citizen journalists in Istanbul and a Turkish national with the Expat community in America and they offered the following insights:

Hey bud thank u for askin  the protests were needed because the prime minister was pushing the limit so hard in islamic way, he had limited the alcohol usage in areas as well as he increased the tax on alcohol as well and he wants to push mosque as much as he can on every place which is more than normal. İts not about the park, about freedom of livin 

Basically, we all want our freedom back. The PM Erdogan thinks he can do whatever he wants thats why turks riot to the current system and government. But u shouldnt say the media in US is lying to us.. All the turks following the news from either CNN International or BBC. The only media tells the truth is US media.Whatever u see and hear from the news is true. Please watch these 2 videos and you'll understand everything clearly..

If what they are reporting is true then will America do nothing like we did during the 2009 Green Revolution of Iran?  Or will be active participants in the Muslim Brotherhood Revolutions that swept North Africa?  What I don't understand is that if this is a Parliamentary system of government, wouldn't he have a vote of no confidence by now?  Could this sentiment spread to America?  Thoughts?

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