Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Election Fraud on the White Mountain Apache Tribe

The White Mountain Apache Tribal Election Commission has disqualified all the other candidates except for Ronnie Lupe, the current chairman's heir apparent.  Candidates must get 500 signatures from registered voting tribal members.  Thus far, nine other candidates are seeking the top job.  With all other candidates disqualified, the election becomes a moot question and ritual for coronation.

Current Chairman, octagenarian Ronnie Lupe is stepping down after many embarrassing revelations that demonstrate his incapacity to lead the tribe.  The Tribe scheduled elections for April.    Under Ronnie Lupe's tenure, he sought to consolidate power and use power arbitrarily. 
 One candidate, Reagan Armstrong seeks to lead the tribe.  Armstrong has served the tribe in various capacities all his life.  He has served as a tribal judge and as an aide to the previous Chairman, Chairman Johnson.  Reagan Armstrong seeks to restore the rule of law on the tribe and enact  policies similar to the Navajo and Seminole tribes that have brought prosperity and vitality to their people.

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