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Anatomy of a Traitor - the Case of Devon Biggs

 Sierra Army Truth

Devon Biggs courtesy of the Lassen County Jail
United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced a federal grand jury indictment Thursday, May 9, 2013 against Devon Gregory Biggs, 36, of Sparks, Nevada.  The grand jury charged Biggs with one count of theft of government property from the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, California.  Biggs worked at the Depot as a Warehouse supervisor on the 36,000-acre Army base.  The military charged Biggs with attempted smuggling of nearly $85,000 in equipment while under surveillance last Wednesday April 3, 2013 in Sacramento Federal Court.

John Bower, a Criminal Investigator for the Department of the Army filed a complaint against the three year employee Devon Biggs.  Devon Biggs managed Warehouse 301.  Warehouse 301 is the primary installation for receiving non-standard equipment from Southwest Asia Theater of Operations (Iraq and Afghanistan.)

Bower said on April 3, 2013 that two sources witnessed Biggs pre-position night vision and laser equipment in various areas near the exits of Warehouse 301 and in trash cans. "Information from several witnesses … identified the black backpack as Biggs', but not one he carried to work every day," Bower wrote. "When he did bring it to his workplace, witnesses and a confidential source all reported … it meant he was going to take 'some items of equipment' out of the warehouse.

"A confidential source reported that Biggs was known to put items … into the back of the government pickup and depart the area. Once he was certain there was no interest in his actions, he would return and recover the items placed in the truck. This precluded that he would be caught in any random security check."

Devon Biggs left during happier times with William Junk
and General Ann E. Dunnwoody
Officers and closed circuit cameras then observed Biggs.  Biggs appeared to aimlessly wander around the warehouse in a large black privately-owned Chevrolet pickup truck after all the employees left for the day. Biggs pulled his truck sideways directly behind a government GSA pickup truck to block the view of anyone passing by the area. Cameras showed him moving several plastic bags and one black backpack from his personal vehicle and placing them in the open back of the GSA pickup truck.

Police then confronted Biggs and detained him for questioning. A police officer at the scene found Biggs' cell phone during a search of the vehicle. The phone was still turned on. Biggs' last text messages regarded the police, such as "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, SHIT The Cops Are Coming!."

Police searched the government car and the backpack.  Both contained nine items of sophisticated laser and thermal imaging equipment. Police found operating handbooks for two items: laser GHOST illumination technology and low light video equipment.  Police found the upper and lower receiver groups of a fully automatic M16A1 rifle concealed in the bed of the government pick-up truck.

Everyday containers come in from Southwest Asia
for accountability and storage
Police searched Biggs' personal vehicle and recovered four metal night vision helmet mounts. The value of the items recovered in the backpack totaled $48,710.86. The rifle adds another $4,000, the four night vision helmet mounts recovered total $22,000.  Two black plastic cases containing the Meyer's Red Dot Lighting Systems Biggs was seen placing in the trash crate outside Warehouse 301 are valued at a combined price of $10,173.40. The total value of property recovered at the scene is $84,884.26.

Biggs oversaw the initial receiving points for weaponry coming back from the war zones. Court documents state they do not know the amount of equipment Biggs allegedly stole or how long the alleged thefts took place.   Biggs “would have had unlimited access to items before they were inventoried and documented.”

The Depot receives and ships Army Property worldwide
Military personnel pack and ship the equipment to the depot in metal containers. But lists of the contents are "frequently missing or incomplete and there is no accurate method of identifying every item that may have been in the container at the point of debarkation.

“Any items found and concealed by persons opening the containers would not be noted as missing, if identified at all, until the final inventory and shipping review at the end of that contract was received,” explained the Army’s report, “Items noted as missing would show on the U.S. Army database as still being physically present in Southwest Asia.”

Bruce Hamilton - the Mission Manager -
the man who oversees all warehouse activity
The video recording equipment was not among the items in the backpack. The affidavit says that was believed to be at Biggs' residence.  Bower alleges Biggs offered a similar item to a "fellow employee three weeks ago to settle a debt."  While such weapons would be highly prized by gun enthusiasts, personal ownership in the United States would be illegal.

According to Lassen County Jail, Police held Biggs at the jail until he was released to federal authorities. Biggs made a brief in-custody appearance Friday April 5, 2013 before U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn K. Delaney. Biggs did not enter a plea. As of April 8, 2013, Biggs is currently free under court supervision on $50,000 bond.

This case is the product of an investigation by the Law Enforcement Division of the United States Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Assistant United States Attorneys Jean M. Hobler and Christiaan Highsmith are prosecuting the case.  Court records dated April 19, 2013 ordered Biggs to attend drug and alcohol counseling.

Biggs missed his scheduled to be arraigned on Friday, May 10, 2013 due to injuries he sustained during a car accident.  If convicted Devon Biggs faces a maximum 10 year prison sentence and a $ 250,000 fine.   FBI press releases note that the court presumes the innocence of the accused Devon Biggs.


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