Friday, June 27, 2014

HORRIBLE BOSSES - Bob Beach Part II: Managers have a License for Crime - Sierra Army Depot Truth

LTC Robert Slosson
Commanding Officer
Sierra Army Depot
- What's the fastest way to get promoted on the Depot?

Answer:  Start dating your supervisor

On October 30, 2013, one of the last things I did on the depot was talk to Jon France.  Jon France was the number 2 man at Mission.  He was filing in for the number 1 man - Bruce Hamilton.  I complained to Jon France that Bob Beach and Merritt Shepard were retaliating against me for waiting to talk to the Commander Lieutenant Colonel Slosson over the fraud, embezzlement and theft that I saw at the Depot.  Jon France told me that I would be afforded an opportunity to have my say and that there was a "due process."   After I left the room to clear my personal affects from my desk,  Bob Beach began to taunt me and humiliate me publicly.

But Jon France's promise of due process just like every report of equipment accountability I ever saw on the depot turned out to be an empty promise.  I never got my proposed termination packet (dated November 21, 2013 by Merritt Shepard) or my termination papers (dated December 23, 2013 by Bob Beach [MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!]) until March.  I learned I was terminated in January 23, 2014.  It took two months to get that paperwork.

Federal Law describes a "Hostile Work Environment:"
the conduct must create a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to reasonable people.
On March 10, 2014, Bob Beach denied that the email he admits he wrote did not create a "intimidating, hostile, or offensive to reasonable people."

Statement taken by Equal Opportunity Investigator
Heaven Owen of the Sierra Army Depot
Here is my complaint.

Here are a list of witnesses that I listed who have direct knowledge of the incident.

As of June 27, 2014, neither Heaven Owen nor anyone has interviewed myself or anyone on this list I provided about Bob Beach's alleged offensive and hostile remarks.

My recollection of the event, we report.  You decide.

The fastest way to get promoted on the depot is to marry a supervisor.  Becoming a supervisor is like being a made man in the mafia - a license to steal.  To this day, Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Charlie" Slosson, commanding officer of Sierra Army Depot has yet to fire a single supervisor for misconduct or incompetence.

LTC Slosson

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