Saturday, June 28, 2014

Campaigning for Obama on Government Time - Sierra Army Depot Truth

What if your boss told you who to vote for?

Merritt Shepard
Monitoring and Material Activity Division Director
Sierra Army Depot 

Further restricted federal employees are prohibited from taking an active part in partisan political management or partisan political campaigns. Specifically, these employees may not campaign for or against candidates or otherwise engage in political activity in concert with a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group. Such employees: 
    • May not engage in political activity – i.e., activity directed at the success or failure of a political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group – while the employee is on duty, in any federal room or building, while wearing a uniform or official insignia, or using any federally owned or leased vehicle. For example:
    • May not invite subordinate employees to political events or otherwise suggest to subordinates to undertake any partisan political activity.
    • May not make campaign speeches or engage in other campaign activities to elect partisan candidates.

Filed November 20, 2013
Merritt Shepard's job on the depot is to collect and analyze data from the warehouses, verify that what the warehouses are reporting is true and make recommendations to prevent losses.  In that job he has failed.  Instead, he massages what data the warehouses choose to give him.  He is not the least bit curious about its accuracy.  He also assists in the changing of data so as not to ruffle anyone's feathers.  He has made no improvements to loss prevention.  But he makes it his business in telling his people how to vote!!!!
This guy loves Obama!!
He has pictures of Obama next to his pictures with his family.

The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General sends me an email in April saying:

Beer Summit Anyone?
Five months to say we can't (won't) do anything.

An Attorney with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, Hatch Act Unit has my complaint now.  The address is:
 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 300
 Washington, DC 20036

Sierra Army Depot has never investigated the incident.  A supervisor on the depot has never been fired for mismanagement, fraud, theft or embezzlement.

LTC Slosson
Commanding Officer
Sierra Army Depot

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