Saturday, June 21, 2014

Something Rotten: Sierra Army Depot Truth

"To Betray You First Must Belong."
- Aldrich Ames

Dante Alighieri
(1265- 1321)
Durante degli Alighieri otherwise known to history simply as Dante placed Judas Iscariot in the Ninth and the lowest Circle of Hell in his book the Inferno.  Traitors and those who commit complex fraud live in the Ninth Circle, the land beyond the river of Cocytus [Greek for 'lamentation'].  We easily forgive the incompetent and even the wicked if they are open or even brazen about their villainy.  But those who befriend us, those who earn our trust and then stab us in the back . . . even the Saints Matthew and Mark say of Judas, better he was not born.
Stained glass window depicting
Judas Iscariot
Moulins Cathedral, France

Last year I accepted a position with the United States Army as a Program Analyst.  After a year long search, I finally secured a position in federal service.  The job paid $ 17,000 less than my previous position.  I had to pay for my re-location and it was a temporary year long assignment - TERM employment renewable up to 4 years.  But I was proud to serve in the Army again after 9 years of active service and 4 years in the reserves.  Five of those years, I served in combat inside the Special Operations community.

Within a week of my arrival I realized I had not joined a federal bureaucracy but a criminal racket.  During the week long in-processing briefings, official speakers and conversations I had offline spoke of widespread theft, embezzlement and criminality.   The official briefers told us of the low morale, the recent theft of Army property, the crime, ignorance and poverty in the surrounding community - the methamphetamine, outlaw biker culture and 'white on black' racism.   In conversations I had with packers, painters and welders, they told me of John Dingman.
John Dingman
in the red long sleeve shirt

While deployed in Southwest Asia, his biker turned supervisor ordered one of his workers to build him a smuggler's cabinet inside a pallet due to arrive back in the United States.  When authorities discovered the contraband,  Sierra Army Depot punished John Dingman by placing him on 1 month of paid Administrative Leave.   After that Administrative Leave, Sierra Army Depot moved him to another department and promoted him to GS-13.  The message was clear.  Management was in on it.

Merritt Shepard
Within a month of starting my job at Sierra Army Depot, I asked my supervisor - Merritt Shepard - to speak to the Commander about the discrepancies I saw at Programs and in the Standard Depot Operations Briefs.  Merritt Shepard asked me to give him some time and work with my chain of command - Mission Director Robert 'Bob' Beach.  After a month and a half of working with the chain of command, I found Shepard, Beach and their boss Bruce Hamilton colluding with the warehouse supervisors in an elaborate fraud to conceal a $ 250 million of lost Army property - embezzlement.  When Shepard and Beach got wind of my desire to speak to the commander - Lieutenant Commander Robert 'Charlie' Slosson, Shepard and Beach fired me.  Adding salt to the wound,  Shepard and Beach used my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as cause for this wrongful termination.

The purpose of this article is give the American people and the entire world testimony to what I saw, what I heard and what I have done.
picture taken in 2000


Anonymous said...

I worked at Sierra for over 20 years and have seen a lot happen - but nothing like this - I worked RM and it seems to me you are one of the temps with sour grapes - and saying alot of things that you could be sued for.

James A. Bretney said...

If I have stated anything that is false, feel free to let me know and I will retract it. If you wish to sue me, contact the Sierra Army Depot and speak to Lori McDonald at (530) 827 4343 for my contact information. I am sure they would love to provide any information about me that you would use in your lawsuit against me.

I am not afraid of Sierra because all I have to do is tell the truth. I don't have to lie. Will Sierra do the same?

I doubt it.

You are of course welcome to publish your own name if you wish to comment further.