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The Legend of John Dingman - Sierra Army Depot Truth

These guys had legitimate day jobs, but they might have something else on the side, whether they were growing reefer in their basement or whatever. The deal is, you don’t have to be involved in anything you don’t want to be involved in. But if the club calls on you for something, you have to be willing to suit up and do whatever the club demands, whether it’s legal or not.  

- Kurt Sutter creator of "Sons of Anarchy"
a show based on a Northern California Biker Club

"Why are they speaking Russian at an Army Base inside the US?"  I thought to myself as I stood in in line to register my vehicle for base access to Sierra Army Depot.  Two Russian speaking contract drivers waited as all the employees had priority.  "This was a recession. Certainly American drivers can pick up hauls on and off the depot. Can somebody call security?"  I said to myself on that bright early morning day on Monday, August 12,  2013.

The explanation the Depot employees provided me was that this is how they do things on the depot.  They they asked me for my license, registration and proof of insurance.   Then I went to my Newcomer brief.

John Dingman supervises NSE (Non-Standard Equipment)
Bob Beach and Merritt Shepard would later be discipline for my participation during the NEO briefings.  We, the new employees, thirty of us,  sat through a week of power point slide shows called New Employee Orientation or NEO.  During the official briefings speakers spoke of management's disregard for safety, Army regulations, the demoralization, inefficiency, Human Trafficking, theft, Sexual Harassment, the crime in the community, the rampant use of meth-amphetamines and the fear of a base closure.  One of the speakers said that a spouse of an employee tried to drive a mobile meth lab onto the base.
Dingman was the founding members of the
Non-Standard Equipment Program.

The Inspector General reluctantly announced that they were conducting at least one investigations on the Depot.   And only with lackluster flourish did he encourage us to report problems on the Depot.  The official lecturers acknowledged the nepotism and  the need to hire veterans to change the culture on the depot.  I would later find out the need for veterans was lip service.  You were a nobody if you weren't married, divorced, dating or related to someone on the Depot - the more the merrier.  The two tribes - veterans against the family - would war.  The family would always win.  If you can't beat them join them.

I befriended a young woman named Elizabeth  Barton who works as a packer at Organizational Clothing  & Individual Equipment (OCIE).
NSE Warehouse 301 is where Devon Biggs' thefts occurred.

She related the following story about her supervisors. After telling the story, I repeatedly asked her to tell me the name of this supervisor.  She never did.  She was afraid - scared.  I later found out that this man's name was John Dingman.

How do you go from a GS-03 to a GS-13 in ten years?

Answer: Get on the depot. Ride Harleys and deal cocaine.

John Dingman always wears long sleeve collared shirts and ties.  Despite his handlebar biker mustache, Dingman keeps a very professional appearance.  There are rumors that underneath that shirt are Nazi and White Supremacist tattoos.  My eyes just about jumped out of my head when I heard White Supremacy.  I was almost 40 years old at the time.  I saw white-on-black racism only once in my life.  It was something we did not tolerate in the Army.  But I was in out of the Army and in Northern California.  Two members of the Klu Klux Klan did burn a cross in front of a Catholic Church in Lassen County:

An investigation by the FBI revealed “the Peckerwoods are known as a white supremacist gang whose membership includes white youths with loose ties to white power gangs in and out of prison, in addition to skinhead gangs. Peckerwood gangs are largely located throughout the state of California,” according to the criminal complaint. (source: Lassen County Times)

John Dingman has been working with NSE since 2003.
Liz said Dingman ordered his own workers to build a smugglers cabinet with a false bottom on  his way back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Authorities discovered Dingman smuggling Army property and passing it off as his own.  Basically the same stuff that landed Devon Biggs in jail.

Joe Henderson (Dingman's  direct  supervisor), Bruce Hamilton (the Mission Manager,  Henderson's boss) and Don Olson (the top civilian on the depot) all agreed to give Dingman a month of administrative  leave, to move and promote him after the incident.  She  told me that anecdote as a cautionary tale and that if I  did  not learn the lesson of that riddle I would not long last on Sierra.

Since 2009, the Army has shipped over 40,000
containers of Non Standard Equipment to
John A. Dingman. (source: Lori McDonald)
Devon Biggs worked for John Dingman.  He promoted Biggs to Team Lead.  John Dingman's wife is the Secretary for Lieutenant Colonel Slosson.  She is the Secretary for all the Commanding Officers on the Depot including Slosson's predecessor Dexter.  Anytime an employee wants to talk to the Commander, he has to go through Dingman's wife.  Dexter parties and does bikes with Dingman, so does Olson, so does Manner.   Public records show that what money earned illegally that Dingman doesn't put up his nose, he launders through the frequent purchase and selling of real estate.

My sources also report that Sierra Army Depot fired Dingman for time fraud and once for drugs only to re-hire him a month and a half later with henchman Archie Zapanta. Cronies Jason Tongs and Josh Chandler got scared straight and clean.  Apparently Chandler afterward gained weight and looked more healthy.

My sources inside the depot say the Dingman and Zapanta are currently on Administrative Leave.  Some say for time card fraud, others for being drunk on duty, others for reasons unknown.  His neighbors report that he has been involved in a fight where he was beaten up very badly.  They say his wife is also leaving him.  It is not known if this exile is permanent or a temporary retreat.

Sierra Army Depot has never investigated the incident.  A supervisor on the depot has never been fired for mismanagement, fraud, theft or embezzlement.

LTC Robert Slosson
Commanding Officer
Sierra Army Depot


Anonymous said...

You were fired if I remember for violence in the workplace. You threw a binder at your fellow co-workers and were yelling at them. It appears to me you are a disgruntled employee who is angry in general and apparently likes to lie to garner attention. Maybe you can try telling the truth in your blogs instead of making conversations up with people you did not know.

James A. Bretney said...

Who is this? I am publishing under my own name. Will you give us yours? God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous person above, the gentleman's name that was fired for those actions was Ray and he also was a drunk and was a supervisor....he was from Susanville and owned vision signs business. Maybe you should get your facts straight too, but then again, someone from Herlong probably told you that bullshit to cover their own guilt of involvement.

Doug Ohotto Jr said...

We have all had our shot. Some make the average life look like a joke. And some do this to the excess of thier capacity. Some, not everyone... Burn out, and to pick up the gaping void... They lose themselves. Life is short, lets build up our fellow man. Maybe with time, that gift will reciprocate itself. Hope for humans.