Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meet the New Biggs - Sierra Army Depot Truth

Cicero    :  Even if he had wished you to set fire to the Capitol?

Blossius :  That is a thing, that he never would have wished.

Cicero    : Ah, but if he had wished it?

Blossius : I would have obeyed.

- Cicero on Tyranny and Friendship

Dingman's Replacement
William Riley Junk
According to Federal Law Enforcement, Dingman and Zapanta do not work on the Depot anymore.  

So break out the Bubbly?  Happy Days are here again!?  

Despite the high-fiving and back slapping of the Federal Police, Dingman and Zapanta face no criminal indictments.  Also what is mysterious is what were Dingman and Zapanta fired for?   Drinking on the job?  Where are the witnesses?  Toxicology report?  Time card fraud?  Depot employees reported that Archie Zapanta would take sleep on the job behind closed doors.  But if we are going to fire people for Cat nap, then who would be Bruce Hamilton's secretary? 

The reasons for the Dingman-Zapanta departure remain as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle.  But the riddle inside the enigma is who hired Dingman and Zapanta?  Who promoted them?  Who protected them when Dingman and Zapanta were caught stealing coming back from the Middle East?  When Dingman had a line of cocaine in his office?
Supervisor NSE 
William Riley Junk

It is too bad that the only thing the American taxpayer has to go on is rumors and innuendos.  The American taxpayer and the American soldier must search for the shades of the truth because their government will not answer direct questions.  Their government in the body of this Depot does not see the American people or its soldiers as customer or bosses.  They see us merely as cattle to be fleeced and disposed of.

Active Depot Informants believe it unlikely that the Ace of Spades and his golden grilled Jack will return to the Depot and resume their responsibilities to their shadowy masters.   Though Dingman and Zapanta have been fired before and have returned, these Informants believe that Dingman and Zapanta's notoriety expose their unnamed co-conspirators to too much risk.  But if some time should pass, these two resurrected criminal zombies  could return to steal another day.

Paula Hammers R3 Foreman:
"Complaints about favoritism are
based on gossip and hearsay.  They
are not ideas to to be entertained. 

Donald Yancey
Non-Standard Equipment (NSE) has a new Sheriff in town or rather an very shabby one with a new title.  William Riley Junk leads NSE now.  

"Junk is another one I would look into. . . . The man drinks like he's still in a fraternity.  He picks favorites and acts like he is better than everyone else."

As Archie Zapanta knows, every good crime lord needs a flunky.  Junk has his eyes on Don Yancey.  This is same Don Yancey who was mysteriously absent after Depot Employees recovered  a set of night vision googles again came up missing presumably after Yancey secured them in a cabinet.  Perhaps now we know the reason why the inventories are more frequent and lengthy.    

Don Yancey  "knows a lot of people out there. [Yancey] and Junk have been quite friendly lately."
James Marcotte
Security Cheif
Sierra Army Depot

Previous reports stated Junk had been involved in previous thefts not currently indicted by the FBI.  Further neither Lieutenant Colonel Slosson nor Lieutenant Colonel Dexter fired  William Riley Junk for his inaction and cover up in the Biggs arrest.  And both Army officers declined to discipline the bureaucrat.  What was not previously known was that Yancey has a criminal record:

"Yancey was previously caught stealing in Florida or South Carolina, at least ten years ago. . . .  He was arrested for theft years ago, east coast.   He served time in a Federal Institution."

Why would Sierra Army Depot allow a felon to work on the Depot?  If these allegations about Donald Yancey prove true, the Security Chief James Marcotte has some explaining to do.  The Army tasks Marcotte to do local law enforcement agency checks to ensure that none of the Sierra Army Depot employees have criminal records.  If Sierra Army Depot hired a felon over Marcotte's objections, then who hired Donald Yancey?

Now that Lieutenant Colonel Slosson knows, Yancey is a felon, will he fire Marcotte and Yancey or will Slosson terminate another informant, whose only crime was telling the truth?

We are serious about
cleaning up the Depot!

"Their bullying tactics and the way they sweep things under the rug needs to stop."

My sources estimate sadly that 80% of the employees on the Depot don't give a damn about the soldier.  They look the other way because they love their paycheck more than their country.

So how do Yancey and Junk know each other?  They are swingers.

Sierra Army Depot has never investigated the incident.  A supervisor on the depot has never been fired for mismanagement, fraud, theft or embezzlement.


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I got a question for you what was the reenlistment code on your DD 214?

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