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My Original Complaint - Sierra Army Depot Truth

John Dingman with Don Olson
I spoke to Bruce Bryan, Merritt Shepard and Bob Beach about my desire to speak to Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Slosson about what I saw and what I suspected was going on the depot.  All are managers that I worked with on the Depot.  I spoke to Shepard twice in September and twice in October.  All four times, he counseled me against it, even threatening to fire me.  He carried out his threat on October 30, 2103.  I will make those documents available to the public.

Sierra Army Depot stores 30,000
“major pieces” of the tooling and molds for F-22
I do this, friends, because I have nothing to hide.  I welcome any opportunity to tell the American people what I know and when I knew it.  All I have to do is tell the truth, where as they cannot.  There is nothing on that depot save the equipment coming back in warehouse 301 that is classified.  They have no excuse to lie.

I do this because there are more important things than me, my job or my reputation.  Everyday an American soldier risks his life so that we can remain free.  When I signed up to work for the Government, I knew I wasn't working for  Bruce Bryan, Merritt Shepard or Bob Beach.  I was working for that soldier, the soldiers that went  before him and those that would follow him.

Tony Herrin (36) arrested for theft
Here is the contents of an email I sent to Mike Bott of News 10 Sacramento on Friday, November 8, 2013 5:24 PM.  I have contacted just over 50 officials and members of the news media.  Mike Bott was the only man who cared.  If you are a whistleblower, collect as much documentation as you can and share it with Mike Bott.

Devon Biggs with his Supervisor William Riley Junk
Director Sue Getty giving the big wigs the dog and pony show

I am a federal employee.  I am in XXXXX but please I do not want to disclose my whereabouts because I am in fear of my life.  Racist Biker gangs control a lot of crime in Northern California.  And though it is unlikely they will reach down and kill me.  A man named Devon Biggs was recently injured in a car accident.  Biggs got caught for smuggling.

I am attaching a story about the place where I work.  All the circumstantial evidence points to a conspiracy. 

1) Devon Biggs was a supervisor or Team Lead
2) Who was responsible for Devon Biggs promotion to  after 3 years of employment?
3) When Devon Biggs was arrested, we was texting someone.  The Army does not say who he was 

"Where's my stuff?"
LTC Dexter and Don Olson meet General Dennis L. Via

texting.  Who send and receives anonymous texts?  How do you even do that?
4) Devon Biggs said he was stealing to pay off a debt to another coworker?  Who was that co-worker?  What was the circumstances of that debt?
5) Devon Biggs missed his arraignment due to a car accident.  The Federal Public Defender is defending him so he does not have disposable dollars and certainly not the architect of crime.  Could the car accident be a veiled threat against his life if talked?
6) Who was Devon Bigg's supervisor?  Did the investigation clear him?  Why didn't they let the investigation keep going to find out who he has working with?

Biggs was stealing imagery equipment.  It was imagery equipment that allows our Army to fight at night.  It is a key advantage we had during the Persian Gulf War and in subsequent war to a lesser and lesser degree as the technology becomes more widespread.  And this guy stole $ 85,000 worth of gear on one run?  And we don't know if there was more.

I think Devon Biggs Supervisor was John Dingman.  John Dingman started out 13 years ago as a packer at a GS 3 or 4, now he is a 13.  How did he climb the ranks so fast?  John Dingham is responsible for all the
Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) at the Sierra Army Depot
warehouses including non standard (all Army equipment that we get Commercial Off The Shelf like Walmart to Speciality stuff like the optics Biggs stole.)  The rumor is he wears long sleeve shirts because he has racist white power Nazi tattoos on his forearms.  The meteoric rise of a morally dubious misfit is stupid but not in and of itself suspicious if there was not a rumor about criminal activity regarding Dingman himself.  The rumor is that Dingman had his workers building him a smuggler's cabinet with a false bottom by which he can smuggle Army property back without being detected.  He was detected while he was in Iraq or Afghanistan - they only define the region as SWA (pronounced SWA as South West Asia).  Dingman's punishment was a month 
of paid administrative leave and they moved him to a different area.

Biggs reported to the Warehouse Supervisor.  They replaced the warehouse supervisor with my friend XXXXXXX - an Iraq War veteran and a friend of mine - a man of good character.  But I think they promoted Dingman to be Jim's boss.  Dingman reports Joe Henderson.  Henderson manages the largest section with the Mission branch including Long Term Storage (LTS).  LTS is where they store all the war reserve like the rows and rows of M1A1 tanks. But Henderson's group has all the problems.  Henderson's branch has all sorts of irregularities.  For instance, an item comes to the depot into Central Receiving. 
Do you trust the Sierra Army Depot
with your security?
From there it has three days to go to a permanent location.  Never mind that the industry standard is one day but we in the military allot the warehouse 3 days.  We have items that are in temporary bins for over 90 days and more than a few that are 6 months or longer.  Of course this is assuming that Henderson 's people are reporting accurate data.  Guys 
like Devon Biggs never reporting receiving the stuff he stole so it wouldn't show up on our reports anyway.  Henderson does not know what is going on in his departments.  Bruce Hamilton who is over all in charge of missions won't enforce standards because he is retiring next summer.  And Don Olson the top civilian on post knows about all of this but he covers up all these scandals after scandals and nothing every changes.  My own boss Bob Beach doesn't care.  He never asked what the total dollar amount of unaccounted for Army property in the Standard Depot briefs I would prepare along with 6 others.  Bob Beach never asked which managers were responsible for the most missing stuff.  He only uses these reports to discredit rival managers, supervisors and directors because he wants Bruce Hamilton's job.  Even though he is about as trustworthy as cobra snake.

Where's a question, is it true that the Army has detailed a Loss Prevention Team called a Tiger Team to investigate $ 250 million dollars in lost Army property?  Is it true that the Team is led by John Mooney?  (John Mooney is a man of sterling reputation by the way.  Another man named Steve Potts is on that team.  He is a good man. ) 

Steve Pott
How much of that Army Property have they written off?  If the depot has $ 250 million in lost property, why is it reporting a $ 7 million loss?  How did this Army property get lost in the first place if at all times Army Supply Discipline requires 100% accountability of all Army property?  Why is the Army rewarding Sierra with $ 88 million in new programs if it lost $ 250 millions in lost property that is mostly being written off?  The Depot has assigned John Dwyer as the FINANCIAL LIABILITY INVESTIGATION OF PROPERTY LOSS (FLIPL) Officer.  The FLIPL Officer takes money from paychecks of soldiers and workers for destruction and loss of Army property.  Is the Army holding managers and commanders (big fish) to the same standards as soldiers and workers (little fish)?   Is it true that everyday the Army cannot account for property coming into the depot? 

These are just tip of the iceberg questions that point to mismanagement, fraud and possibly crime.  Do you know anyone willing to ask these questions?  Because I asked them within the system and now I am on administrative leave pending an employment settlement.  Thank you for reading this.

Sierra Army Depot has never investigated the incident.  A supervisor on the depot has never been fired for mismanagement, fraud, theft or embezzlement.

LTC Robert C. Slosson
Commanding Officer
Sierra Army Depot

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