Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rumors About Roxane Lamb- Sierra Army Depot Truth

I got some facebook love the other day.

Pleased to MEAT you!
Hey Roxane, is it true that while you were Union Secretary with Garry Garrett, that you got $ 5,000 above your normal salary while Garry got $ 10,000?  If so, where did the money come from?  What services or goods did you trade?

Also is it true that when your husband Kelly had a bit of a wandering eye, you started a rumor that one of your co-workers was a home wrecker who conceived and aborted Archie Zapanta's love child?  That's a pretty elaborate story, care to corroborate that or deny it?

We know from my termination that Sierra Army Depot managers can and will fire you for stuff you do off the Depot, stuff you did preceding the Depot or your associations.  But has the Depot fired you for your shady associations or your on-Depot activities?

Sierra Army Depot has never investigated the incident.  A supervisor on the depot has never been fired for mismanagement, fraud, theft or embezzlement.

LTC Slosson
Commanding Officer
Sierra Army Depot


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Anonymous said...

You know you are a sick. This is wrong and you know it. Its not right to say these crude things. I hope carma comes your way.

Roxane said...

Oh James its so very awkward knowing that at night as you engage in polite inadequate sex with your wife, that You Think Of Me! Ugh Please Stop Besides What Will your Wife Think? Lol