Monday, August 18, 2014

Aric and Charlie's Secret Prison - Sierra Army Depot Truth

 If you have been wronged by this Depot, it is Aric Manner and Charlie Slosson's fault. Charlie listens to Aric.  Charlie does whatever Aric says.  Aric doesn't care about you or the right thing.  All Aric Manner cares about is Aric Manner.

I will fight for you.

I will help you file an Office of Special Counsel Complaint against Aric and Charlie.  If you have been harassed by Aric and Charlie's gang of pigs, I will help you file an Equal Opportunity complaint against these scum bags.

If you have not been rolled over, because you made Aric and Charlie mad.  Whether you were right or wrong, I will fight to get your job back.  They want you to go away.  Fight back.  You may not get what you want as quick as you want it, but you will have the satisfaction of fighting back and once they have thrown you away, you are not coming back.

The only thing Aric Manner is fight for is a jail cell.  Charlie Slosson is no more a leader than the ugly Kardasian and not quite as talented.

If a Depot Manager has harassed you, I will coach you or get someone more qualified to help you.  If you have been wronged by this Depot, I will fight alongside you until you say it is over.  Unlike you Commander, I actually give a damn about you, this country and the American soldier.  I will respect the identities and privacy of all those who seek to bring justice and order to the Depot.

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