Sunday, September 07, 2014

Request Denied - Sierra Army Depot

--- En date de : Mar 24.6.14, Lewis, Mark D CIV USARMY TACOM (US
Objet: FW: Bretney FFC Conference Call Procedures (UNCLASSIFIED)
À: "James Bretney"
Cc: "Phillip Gonzales" , "Howard, Felicia L CIV DODHRA DCPAS (US)"
Date: Mardi 24 juin 2014, 11h48

Mr. Bretney,

I was unable to postpone the proceedings on such short notice.  

Below are the directions to participate in the telephone conference on Wednesday and Thursday June 25 -26, 2014, 0830- 1700.

From off Depot Dial 1-530-827-5120 (Please dial in by 0820)

Enter personal code 5222# when requested.

Disregard the message "for conference chairperson services press the # key".

You  will be asked to "please wait".

You will then be prompted to "please state your name". You must state your name to be added to the conference call.

The incoming caller and any other participants already on the conference call will hear the participant's name indicating someone else has joined the conference.

You will also be notified when a participant leaves the conference call.

Lynette Hall
Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
Manager Advantage Site Administrator
Sierra Army Depot
74 C Street, Headquarters Bldg 150
Herlong, CA 96113
Comm: (530) 827-4554
Cell: (775) 742-8243
Fax: (530) 827-4319
DSN 855

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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