Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No more lies

Starting this Saturday there will be no blog entries until February 2, 2015.  I have some personal business to attend to.  I did not blog yesterday because I was tired.

I work pretty hard at what I do whatever I am doing.  Activity makes time go by so much faster.  I have been lucky to find work that has lots of activity.  Working at Sierra was frustrating because I did have work to do but my work was mostly to lie to people about how great things were or lie about how bad things were when they weren't.

Bob Beach uses those reports to crush his enemies and allot praise for himself.  Do not trust single report with his name on it.  When he heard from Shepard, I was not going to bend over like some people.  He got rid of me.

And its been liberating.  I have never lied there and I don't have to pretend that things are great when they are really messed up or that people like Beach or good when we all know they are rats.

How about you?  Do you know such freedom?

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