Monday, January 12, 2015

Restarting this blog

One of my correspondents asked me to restart this blog.  I asked myself why?  Corrupt officials like Charlie Slosson, Bob Beach, Aric Manner are still employed on the Depot.  In fact, my sources tell me that John Dingman and Archie Zapanta have returned to the Depot.  The media is not asking obvious follow up questions regarding the Biggs case.  The informants that broke the case are still blackballed by the Depot.  Edmund Burke's quote about how "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" can be abbreviated on the Depot to "Evil Triumphs."

And there is so much evil on the Depot.  The Tongs, the Kecks, Brian Fahey, the Meth, the Swingers, the Bikers, the Nazis, I am a writer and I am sorry I am just not that imaginative I can't make this stuff up.  The Union won't help you.  The FBI won't help you.  The ARMY WILL NOT HELP YOU.  And nobody really cares.  The crooks and thieves are robbing the American people and the American soldier and frankly no one could be bothered.  So what do you do?

Part of me asks myself, did I do the right thing pissing off Shepard and Beach over the discrepancies during the AARs and SDO briefs.  That's a no brainer.  Yeah, I have no regrets over that.  I could never work for a man that constantly lies to others and to himself.  Such men don't deserve respect or fear.

I think about the money and the career I could have had.  Meh, so what.  Prostitutes will never understand that there are certain things money can't buy.  I have grown a lot of done a lot of different things since putting the Depot in my rear view.  And trading those experiences, which have not always been fun or fruitful for the fun I had on the Depot is also a no brainer.

But there are a lot of good people on the Depot.  In a way, I was lucky.  My mortgage and family is not there.  I could leave and I did.  But what about those good people?  And what about doing good not for some reward but doing good for good's sake?

Maybe Shepard is right.  I am some kind of cosmic douche bag and I brought all this on myself and this adversity I am dealing with is some kind of divine punishment- a lesson I am not learning or will never learn.  Maybe.  Kipling always said to make allowances for the doubting of others - even awesome people like the heroic Merritt Shepard.

But either way, Shepard is right.  I am not going to change.  I am not going to learn.  I am going to keep telling people who want to listen that these people are misusing government funds and oh by the way, the government is in on it.

What about you?  What side are you on?  Even remaining neutral or silent means you picked a side.  The presence of evil always does that.  Ask Jodi Brackin.

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