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Doyle, California: Meth Haven

August 11, 2014
James Anthony Bretney
8/11, 10:29pm
I sent this to County Supervisor Tom Hammond.  He owns the Mark.

Richard Egan (County Administrator) made contact with me today.  The conversation was brief but pleasant.  He seems sincere in finding out what is going on in Southern Lassen County.  I am courtesy copying XXXXXX and investigative reporter News 10's Mike Bott on this email.  Mike Bott and I have gotten very little in the way of cooperation when it comes to investigating organized crime in Southern Lassen county.  Prisons increase crime in the community and meth is a nation wide problem.  But a unique confluence of circumstances demand your attention.  Here is the link of all the News stories so far surrounding the organized crime on the Depot:

Of course there are those of us who think there is more.  In typical fashion, the feds are in full cover up mode.  But I am very concerned about drug dealers Christina Corona wife of Sierra supervisor Mike Winter who was caught with a pound of meth and Brian Farley, former Sierra supervisor.  Brian Farley is the biggest dealer in

Whistleblower #2
Nice,  wish I had more information for you but I am friends with an ex sheriff from Doyle area and he knows more names and info than me. Especially about drug dealers and methods head families

August 12, 2014
James Anthony Bretney
8/12, 7:29pm
Did you talk to him?

Would he mind sharing info with me if we protected his identity?  I wouldn't need to know his name.

Whistleblower #2
8/12, 7:32pm
That's good stuff

James Anthony Bretney
8/12, 7:34pm
Did you get my email?

Whistleblower #2
8/12, 7:39pm
Sure. That would be awesome

Whistleblower #2
8/12, 10:48pm
I saw the Mike Winters blog

James Anthony Bretney
8/12, 10:49pm
You and about 300 people today

Whistleblower #2
8/12, 10:50pm

Ya it was great stuff,  sent to me from a friend on base

Whistleblower #2
I will ask him some info and see if he minds

I mean my ex sheriff friend

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