Saturday, February 21, 2015

Filing an OSC Complaint

James Anthony Bretney
8/14, 7:31am
I read your email.

We need to write it down on paper.  We need to be thorough and matter of fact.  We need write down who, what, when, where, why and how of everything that happened.

With the OSC complaint, there are going to want to know what you saw that was illegal, when did you report it and why you got fired.

With the EO complaint, you need to write down everything that was remotely sexual.  Then you ask Lynnette and her kangaroo cops to do an informal investigation.  They will tell you the results of their investigation.  Then you go and do a formal investigation - with the hearing.

I just finished my hearing and am waiting on the results.  If they find in favor of me on one of my counts, they may pay me.  If not, then I elevate it more.  But it just feels good to embarrass these very bad people.

Whistleblower #2
8/14, 8:36pm
Ya, it would be good to assist

James Anthony Bretney
8/14, 8:40pm
Have you thought about calling back Mike Bott?

Whistleblower #2
8/14, 8:51pm
Ya, i have

Let me get my paperwork together

James Anthony Bretney
8/14, 8:54pm
I am putting together a timeline.

Whistleblower #2
8/14, 8:54pm


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