Sunday, February 08, 2015

He Said, She Said

Credibility decides all lawsuits.  Who do you believe?  Do you believe the disgruntled employee who was fired from his job with the blog or do you believe the government with all its offices of legitimacy and authority?

The disgruntled employee who was fired from his job is mad.  They fired him from his job.  They said some things about him that he felt wasn't true.  They wounded his pride.  All that may be true.  But the fact is more than a year has passed.  It is hard to hold a grudge for that long.

The disgruntled employee is looking for money.  I make no disguise that I am seeking financial compensation.  But I also told the government I would be willing to drop my demand for financial compensation if they terminated the employment of Bob Beach, Merritt Shepard and Chris Carrier.  Since they won't do that, this lawsuit goes on.

Bob Beach accuses me of being greedy.  Really?  I would love for nothing to put this awful experience behind me and to leave you scum to the hell you are creating and the hell that you are deserving.  But you people are stealing from the American people, from the American soldier and I cannot and will not abide that.  While you testify, the government is paying your salary and using unlimited resources to protect your job because you are a manager.  Who is paying my salary while I take time out of my work?  All my legal expenses aren't being paid by government lawyers like Kevin Cox.  So facts impeach Beach's words.

The government lawyer, Kevin Cox complains that I have treated government officials with contempt.  Are these government officials unworthy of contempt?  Are the government's offices of legitimacy and authority absolute or are they not dependent on the moral correctness of their decisions, the diligence to duty and the service they provide the people?

If you agree with Kevin Cox that the government's offices of legitimacy and authority absolute then the consequences of that point of view is that government may commit any crime, tell any lie and do any deed because they are always right and everyone else is always wrong.  This view of government opposes the founder's vision of America and represents a minority or fringe view of government.

A government entity loses its legitimacy and authority when it nurtures a culture of corruption.  A culture of corruption exists on the Sierra Army Depot.  Its managers steal from the Depot.  Its supervisors cover up that theft.  The Sierra Army Depot does not store and refit weapons and equipment for the United States Military.  It instead commits Assault, Sexual Harassment, Drug Trafficking, Racial Discrimination, Intimidation, Fraud, Waste, Abuse and they LIE, and they LIE and they LIE according to individual whims of individual managers.

None of the governments witnesses can speak with any impartiality because each government witness is currently employed at the depot.  They are all beholden to the managers all involved in a conspiracy to steal and cover up thefts on the Depot.  Nothing they say is true.  They are for the most part incompetent at their jobs.  They say anything and do everything to keep their jobs.  The managers  say anything and do everything to keep their loot.  The evidence against them is overwhelming.

It is all there in black and white for all those who have eyes to see it.

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