Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whistleblower # 2: Devon Biggs is Sexy

The following is a series in disclosures by a woman dubbed Whistleblower # 2.  This particular conversation discusses aspects and insights into the character of Gregory Devon Biggs a former manager at the Sierra Army Depot and a confessed thief.

Whistleblower #2
Hi James,  I am not sure what you want from my Internet page but I am friends with Devon too. Doesn't mean I knew jack about his criminal activity.

August 3, 2014  8/3, 1:46am
James Anthony Bretney
I am against the managers and the thieves.  I am against the enablers, those that cover up and aid, abet and profit from the crimes and defamation.  You are not in that category.  You are  our category - the victims.

But why are your friends with Biggs?  The guy is not a good man.

August 3, 2014 8/3, 11:43pm
Whistleblower #2
I guess because he was always a friend to me. He was honest with me as a person

Did you know he is a heavy drug user?

8/5, 12:15am
Whistleblower #2
Ya, he was in it bad for a while when he got busted. He has a good heart. He has issues but he is a nice person. Never would hurt anyone snd is loyal as a friend.

Just got mixed up with the wrong peeps.

August 7, 2014  8/7, 12:44am
James Anthony Bretney
Did you know him when he was a kid?

August 7, 2014 8/7, 7:40am
Whistleblower #2
No, he was from Southern California

8/7, 7:42am
James Anthony Bretney

when did you meet him?

8/7, 7:43am
Whistleblower #2
We worked together at the base.

We were both getting divorced and became friends

James Anthony Bretney
So you both met in 2011?

Whistleblower #2
8/7, 8:10am
2010 bit didn't talk much, he was quiet. We were both married, but we always would say a friendly hi when we saw each other. When my son worked under him summer of 2011 that was when we talked the most, Cuz I would go see my son at lunch

Whistleblower #2
8/7, 8:15am
After that we would just text from time to time, but I had my boyfriend by September and my family, so we didn't get to hang out much

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