Friday, February 27, 2015

Whistleblower reluctant to step forward

James Anthony Bretney
8/12, 11:02pm
You told me a lot. Still in shock

No, I don't know where the missing gun parts that were in Riley's Container.  I said, I don't know.  Quit asking me!

Whistleblower #2
XXXX is a vet and works in DPW

He is a permanent and came from another base

He has papers to back up his info is what he told me

James Anthony Bretney
11/26, 4:38pm
Mike would LOVE to talk to him

Birds of a feather, flock together

Whistleblower #2
11/26, 5:07pm
I am sure. He didn't say what he has. Just that he has it and he is going to call.

James Anthony Bretney
11/26, 5:10pm
Thank you

Any chance you will talk to him?

I really care about the workers

Whistleblower #2
11/26, 5:14pm
Ya. If I get a cluster of people to call too that would be awesome

James Anthony Bretney
11/26, 5:15pm
I agree

Whistleblower #2
11/26, 5:25pm

I will work on it


Americans for truth said...

Yeah..I called channel 10 today too and asked them for an email. They were very interested to know you were threatening a military base. Mentioned mike bott as a co conspirator. They said they do not support those who promote violence.tell mike bott I'll call him soon.

Americans for truth said...

Oh yeah. And your readers all 25 of them are now more interested in my comments than your stupid posts. Offer still stands for that 1 on 1 debate jimmy

Americans for truth said...

Best thing about you not posting my comments jimmy...snipits. they still get out.