Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Letter That Brought Down Biggs

Whistle Blower # 1 wrote this letter to Jim Switsowics on March 27, 2013. One week later, Army CID and the FBI arrested  Devon Biggs on April 3, 2013.

Paula Hammers
Six months later, Sierra Army Depot Managers Dingman, Zapanta and DiPenta laid off Whistle Blower # 1 in retaliation for Whistle Blower # 1's testimony against Devon Biggs.    Kenny Berry and Archie Zapanta threatened and intimidated Whistle Blower # 1 and Paul Hammers slandered Whistle Blower # 1.

The Union has not helped Whistle Blower # 1 in any meaningful way.

To this day, the Sierra Army Depot has never thanked Whistle Blower # 1 for the recovery of millions of dollars of stolen equipment, never offered Whistle Blower # 1 a job on the Depot and never compensated Whistle Blower # 1 for financial losses incurred for by this simple act of conscience.

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