Monday, March 02, 2015

You have no case.

If all of your witnesses are unbiased, competent and truthful, then I have no case.  If however your witnesses are biased, incompetent and liars, then you have no case.

Biased?  Of course not.

I always tell the truth

I found all the stolen shit!

Your client maintains it was I that started the fight with Carrier.  Yet several statements from your base
say that it was Carrier that was the aggressor.

GS-3 to GS-13 in 10 years!

Audit?  I will get right on that!
Anyone want to buy an AR-15?

Your client says he has paperwork showing a pattern of behavior.  Yet nearly all of that paperwork is dated after I spoke to the EO representative.  

I am competent
I really care

Army property is important to me

Your client states that manual labor is apart of my job description.  Where exactly?  In black and white, and that no sex or age discrimination but not woman was on that detail and no one over the 50 was either.

Tag, you're it!

Would you like to swing on a star?

Why do you want to see the Commander?

Aric Manner said he did not blow up at me.  He was yelling at the top his lungs certainly no one heard him yelling?  What about Lori McDonald? Does Aric Manner loose his temper a lot and yell at the top his lungs?  Is yelling at the top of his lungs professional behavior?  Does yelling at the top of his lungs constitute a hostile work environment?

Who promoted me?

Why has it taken so long to arrest me?

I am innocent

What about using crude gestures?  Carrier said he flipped me off and his co-workers confirm it.  Is that hostile work environment?  He says he doesn't tell sexist jokes not at work never.  Let's interview everyone he has worked with in 34 years of federal service and find out if he is telling the truth.

My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Nothing is too good for my boys!

I support Equal Opportunity for all!

Shepard says he never alluded to EO at the Hometown meeting.  Let's interview everyone that was at the meeting and put them on trial.

I knew and said nothing
I am second in command

for a Drug Free Depot 

Beach said he talked to Marcotte about my psyche record.  What did they say to each other?  And that was a basis for my termination - my mental disability.

You read the symptoms of PTSD and you read the termination paperwork and it is case of termination based on disability.

The termination was botched.  The government cannot even follow its own rules.

Why was there no accommodation when I requested it?

I can go on and on.  I suggest you settle this case.  You have a lot to defend.  This is not an open and shut case for you.

Also the incompetence of the SIAD EO comes into play.  No follow up questions, no curiosity as to what actually happened, why it happened, just a perfunctory execution of assigned duties in cover up mode.  Why did the EO representative discourage those who want to file from filing?

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