Saturday, June 13, 2015

the Child Snatchers: Dividing a Child

 In a perfect world, a child should not be divided in half.  But often times, two parents find themselves irreconcilable and these cases go before a judge. A good judge discerns the truth from lies.  Often these cases are literally, "he said, she said."

In the case of Philip Joshua "P.J" Blakeney, the Judge, assisted by the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Children Services (DCFS) Social Worker, Lalisa Morgan had to decide who to give custody to - the mother Lori (Riboloff) Martin or the father Joshua Blakeney.

Attached is the criminal record of PJ's father Joshua Blakeney.

This document you sent me said you have a criminal history

Battery Threaten (no disposition available)

Crime with intent to terrorise (dsmissed due to delay)

Battery Spouse/Ex (process and release, det only/reason unknown)

DCFS requests fingerprints through LiveScan

Do you have documents that absolve you of any crime

I was cleared for a UK visa. If I had convictions it wouldn't have been issued

I was biometrics screened in 2010- and a live scanned child care provider in 2007- Pasadena ccis paid me to care for children

I wasn't convinced of any of those charge

That's how they abused process

This is how the abuse process begins.  The state is in a slow motion character assassination of the the accused.  The accused has no rights because the process is not based on Anglo-American Common Law jurisprudence with Natural Rights such as a public hearing, the right to cross examine witnesses, confront accusers, checks on judicial activism and prosecutorial overreach.  The family courts are Soviet in nature and are the biggest child abuse trafficking operations.  Any serious examination of facts makes this assertion irrefutable.  Why?  Because it is legal and nobody cares.

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