Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Whistleblower comes forward with allegations against Don Olson

The Department of the Army suspended the Top Civilian at the Sierra Army Depot, Don Olson for misconduct according to a new Whistleblower.  The Whistleblower, an employee on the Depot of three years and Federal Employee with over 20 years alleges the unspecified misconduct occurred between  2009 to 2012.  Don Olson is currently a GS-15.  The Whistle Blower also alleges that Don Olson got a sweetheart suspension by only being allowed to miss Mondays while still collecting a Federal Check.  This new Whistleblower states that the godfather of crime, Don Olson has friends in AMC and TACOM that sweep his dirty laundry under the rug.  Commanders ad previous commanders have failed to punish scum like Olson after later being implicated in Riley Junk's sex parties.

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