Saturday, August 01, 2015

Harassing the Good Employees Off Sierra Army Depot

To whom it may concern,

During my meeting with John Dingman, Paula Hammers, and Roger Conn on May 15th 2013 I was informed by Paula that RSO (building 308) was in desperate need of a processor and she was requesting that I assisted with processing because it would fit my light duty orders. I accepted the request and started in RSO the following day. 

Starting on May 28th, I started Processing on my own which continued until July 3rd, when I was then asked to do an “80 hour training” finalizing.   

During my “80 hour training” I was given roughly 2 hours of training which consisted of my watching another employee work. 

I continued to finalize uninterrupted for about 3 weeks until approximately July 22n when I was told I was going to be working on the north side of 308 matching “H” documents, which consists of continuous bending and lifting items of unknown weight from one half triwall to another after I have matched the document with the material. 

Since I was asked to match H documents I have been bounced around between matching documents and finalizing on a daily basis.

I just returned from vacation August 5th to find that they have trained a different employee on processing and who is now filling in for the processor who is on vacation. 

During my time in 308 I have not been talked to by my leadership about my performance on any of the tasks above and am unsure of the reasons I am being moved from one job to another on a regular basis while the other employees have one set job. 

During each move I have done the tasks assigned to me successfully and without complaint. These moves are causing me to have depression in the workplace as well as an overall feeling of low self worth and confidence. 

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