Sunday, August 23, 2015


The point of these "Family" courts is not to responsibly decide the fate of the child.  If that were so, any honest judge would find a reputable family member among the two families and move the children there.  Instead what the court does is collude with the agency, two government entities to deprive the parents rightly or wrongly of their parental rights.

People make mistakes.  People lie.  People do bad things.  But impeaching the testimony of a citizen is much easier than impeaching the testimony of government entities.  The court is in secret to PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF THE CHILD so they say.  The benefit is to this is that they can more easily cover up their mistakes or misdeeds.

These government entities have a financial incentive to disenfranchise the parents - all the federal monies associated with carrying for a foster child.  Why do you think it is hard to adopt a child in this country?

This is the system that Zev Yaroslavsky designed.  It is a big money maker for Los Angeles County. $ 2 BILLION goes to funding the largest LEGALIZED child abuse and child trafficking scheme WORLDWIDE.

Thank You Zev

Consider the case of Lori Martin and Joshua Scott Blakeney.      

Father has a criminal convictions.  Mother has been charged but never convicted.  What does Lalisa Morgan do?  Order fingerprints through Live Scan.  So much for the presumption of innocence.  If the Mother contests the Social Worker who is not qualified in this field of case work, she delays seeing her kid.  If the Mother contests the Social Worker who is not qualified in this field of case work, she is marked and punched into the system further diminishing her dignity and credibility before the court.

Lalisa Morgan
to do case work with Children

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