Monday, August 03, 2015

My informant is Boris Kodjoe

So I was chatting with one of my informants.  All my informants are black.  If the thieving management are Methhead Nazis, Paint it Black.  Meet Boris Kodjoe.

I asked Boris about the News 10 article outlining the over 200 line items missing totaling $ 1.4 million bound for the black market, Boris told me to ask Jason Tong's ex-wife Jennifer.

Boris said that Dingman has a niece that works on the Depot working as a WL under Kathy Ayers and Jason Tong.

Boris says that crooks in management are back to their old tricks - employee abuse, time card fraud and mismanagement.  This new generation of scum stole   two hundred thousand dollars of welding equipment that was on its way out to the soldier out of a container.  So much for Charlie Slosson’s boast on News 10 that the stealing is now officially over.

Jason's ex wife Jennifer was also fired or suspended for having drugs on her with the intent to sell, she was working for Mike Winters. It is also very well known that Ernie was promoted to Mei and under the watchful eye of Raul Rodriguez is selling meth. Mr. Rodriquez live two doors down from Jason Tong, really.  Mr Rodriquez works for Jason Tong.

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