Monday, August 24, 2015

Paper Trail

When they take away your kid, you have to document everything.  This is Lori Martin's paper trail:

I will be attaching the letters I have written BEFORE my son, Phillip Blakeney had been taken into protective custody by DFCS on 11-14-12. 

They have taken him as a retaliatory act because I filed complaints against their services. 

I have written to Phillip Browning, The 1st-5th districts Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles County, 

I have written and spoken to Michael Antonovich's office 

and I have written to Senator Feinstein's Office. All of this correspondence proceeded before DCFS took action on November 9th 2012. I informed Mr. Santa Cruz on November 8th 2012, that Senator Feinstein has requested all correspondence from DCFS and myself from 2002-2012. I also informed him that I would be document matching to see if I am sent the correct information. 

The following day they removed my son as a retaliatory act, and to discourage me from complaining further. This does not discourage me, it only furthers my attempt to reach the correct and appropriate departments to have an investigation in sued on this particular portion of Los Angeles County. 

I am dealing with the same type of situation that these services had been sanctioned for $48000, by local Judge Pellman. 

They have disrupted my living environment, and my manager has expressed if DCFS keeps involving her she could not have me here any further. They have now put my residence at risk, and have maliciously served me the day before Phillip's 10th Birthday. Today is his Birthday his DOB is 11-15-02. How is this not seen as retaliation for my complaints? 

I would like to have this matter set for a public hearing and put on an agenda for review. My contact information is as follows [omitted by the editor]  Home Phone [omitted by the editor] Cell Phone [omitted by the editor].

Let me further include I am a former ward of the court and without failure, it has been one of the first questions the investigators ask me. This is outright discrimination, they have no right to police me as a parent because I am a former ward of the court. It is even mentioned in the first portion of the last mandated report I received from a closed investigation. I had exited the foster care system 2 years early due to the neglect and abuse these homes had put me through. The very first foster home I had been placed in I was brutally stabbed by another one of the children, then he had proceeded to attempt to drown me in a wading pool. I cannot fathom the idea of a child I carried and chose to give life to experiencing what I was made to.

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