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Sierra Army Depot Thief Tony Herrin Sentenced to 2 years 9 months

Tony Herrin
Stepson of Sierra Army Depot Supervisor Rick Anderson, Tony Herrin is going to jail.  U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller sentenced 36 year old Reno resident, former Federal Worker and former soldier Tony Herrin to two years and nine months.  Rick Anderson will face no charges.  He died recently due to complications from a recent stroke he suffered.

Tony Herrin will have to pay back $411,333 in restitution to what he stole from the depot.  The news outlets copying and pasting from the FBI press release make no further inquiries how Devon Biggs and Tony Herrin have masterminded such spectacular thefts unaided from Northern California U.S. Army installation.  Nor have reporters of the federal government told the public who paid for the stolen weapons.

Only News 10's Thom Jensen makes mention of where the weapons may have gone

DOD: Thieves stole more than 200 items from Sierra Army Depot

Thom Jensen also states that the thieves like Devon Biggs and Tony Herrin stole up to $ 1.4 million

Racist Biker Meth Connection?
Tony Herrin of Reno, Nevada was convicted of helping his former supervisor Devon Biggs steal military weapons from the Sierra Army Depot in remote Lassen County.  Prosecutors said the defendants took equipment including night vision equipment, scopes and components of a fully automatic assault rifle.  Sierra Army Depot processes "non-standard equipment" returning from Iraq and Afghanistan from Warehouse 308.    Nor have reporters of the federal government told the public who supervised Devon Biggs and Tony Herrin.  Riley Junk supervised  Devon Biggs
Vectronix target acquisition systems
Thanks to the Lax Management at the Sierra Army Depot
Criminals now have this.  Do you?
and Tony Herrin.  Joe Henderson, the man accused of beating his wife within an inch of her life and chased her down Mesa Street with a knife supervised John Dingman.  Bruce Hamilton (allowed to retire), Jon France and Robert Beach supervised Joe Henderson.  Bruce Hamilton reported to Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Dexter.  Merritt Shepard and Christopher Carrier approved the audits and inventories supplied by John Dingman, Riley Junk and Devon Biggs.

The 38-year-old Biggs pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year and four months in prison in a related prosecution.  Devon Biggs already served 4 months and could get 2 months shaved off for good behavior.  He could be out within a year.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Rumors are that Sierra Army Depot for reasons unrelated to the thefts laid off John Dingman.  A news reporter following 
Dingman interviewed his neighbor.  The neighbor said Dingman was beaten by persons unknown.  Rumors are that the police arrest him yet no public records confirm this.

Chief of Staff
Aric Manner
Still whispering sweet nothings into Slosson's ear

Another one of Rick Anderson's sons
Chad Anderson
according to some reports
stopped showing up for work.
Still on the
Sierra Army Depot payroll?

Herrin played a role in stealing: 
  1. 10 Taser devices
  2. 3 Vectronix target acquisition systems (total value $221,787)
  3. 6 military grade flashlights (total value $11,267),
  4. 25 thermal imaging sights
Devon Biggs and Tony Herrin's supervisor
Riley Junk

According to the Department of Justice, the total value of all these items is about $411,000. On at least two occasions, Herrin and Biggs met with potential buyers for the military equipment, according to officials.

This case was the product of investigation by the Law Enforcement Division of the United States Army, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Assistant United States Attorneys Jean Hobler and Christiaan Highsmith prosecuted the case.

Staged Publicity photo for the Sierra Army Depot

As I mentioned Tony Herrin served as a soldier in the 1990s.  He choose to betray his brothers by selling their weapons to Sierra knows who and for what?

One anonymous commentator writes:
What the hell kind of a flashlight cost's $1,877.83 each! O.K. I get it, they could have stole some real bad sh&*t that should never be on the streets and I think these two are total idiots! Hopefully they are not covering up some serious weaponry stolen out of Herlong, cause lets face it......this is a munitions dump/storage. Or did anyone in this area even have a clue?

Convicted Thief
Devon Biggs
See you in a year!
I respond:
Good point.  The flash light is military grade and attached to the rifle.  Maybe they are over priced.  But the fact is that several people have lost their jobs in trying to report this while the supervisors (Archie Zapanta, Aric Manner, Don Olson, Robert Beach, Merritt Shepard, Riley Junk, Jodi Brackin, Mike Winters, Christopher  Carrier)  who collude with the thieves at the Depot still are on the payroll or are collecting pensions (Bruce Hamilton).  And the Army doesn't care.  Ask Inspector General Terry Champion.

Whistleblowers tell me that Riley Junk and Aric Manner blackmailed former commander Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Dexter with sex pictures to prevent further prosecution of lax and complicit management.  Criminals currently at the Sierra Army Depot management need only flatter current commander Charlie Slosson.

Kiss my  . . .

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Unknown said...

Worked with all of guys in nse I was an inspector or Mei same as tony. Worked hard never late never called in sick. What did I get after 7 years of service laid off is what.

ricky robinson said...

Worked with all of guys in nse I was an inspector or Mei same as tony. Worked hard never late never called in sick. What did I get after 7 years of service laid off is what.