Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sierra Army Depot's New Crook: JASON TONG

A friend of mine did narc work against the Mongols.  Ten years ago, the Mongols ran guns and stole from Fort Huachuca and trade it for Cartel Meth.  The Mongols never sullied themselves in the crimes but would get their women to do their talking for them.  When things went down, it would be the women who went to jail.  The Mongols acted merely as bodyguards.

Jason Tong
It appears SIERRA ARMY DEPOT manager Jason Tong is taking a page from the Mongol play book.  With Dingman gone, Biggs and Herrin in jail, Ric Anderson dead, Chad Anderson AWOL, Bruce Hamilton and Merritt Shepard allowed to retire,  thieves Aric Manner, Don Olson and Riley Junk are looking for new revenue streams.  This creates opportunities for mid-level players Don Yancey, Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard Mike "Heisenberg" Winters and family man Jason Tong.  Flunkies like Dave Gard never move up.  They just fornicate themselves to the middle.

My informant Boris Kodjoe revealed the existence Depot meth dealer - Jennifer Tong.  Base security interdicted Jennifer Tong at the gate.  Boris said the Depot "fired or suspended" Jennifer Tong "for having drugs on her with the intent to sell. She was working for Mike Winters."  

"It is also very well known that Ernie was promoted to Mei and under the watchful eye of Raul Rodriguez. Raul Rodriguez  is selling meth.   Mr Rodriquez live two doors down from Jason Tong, really.  Mr Rodriquez works for Jason Tong.  That was the container that supposedly Jason Tong’s ex wife was trying to sell the plasma cutters and welding equipment on Craigslist. . . .  Jennifer Tong worked in an entirely different area and Jason Tong is a big back yard mechanic."

So much for Slosson's boast that there are no new thefts under his watch.  Will the new commander be any different?  James Marcotte is still letting felons on the Depot.  Does the Army even care?

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