Thursday, August 13, 2015

State of California views your Parental Rights as Voidable

We know that Genocide is the systematic killing of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious, cultural or national group.  But what is the systematic repression of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious, cultural or national group?  Surely repression precedes mass murder?

Lori Martin told me that if you met a certain criteria, racial (Black), ethnic (Hispanic), religious (Christian), cultural or national group (first generation immigrant) but more importantly CLASS, the STATE in this case the State of California viewed your parental rights as optional and voidable.  Lori Martin said she was a former foster child.  She has been forever marked as someone with impeached parental rights.

When the state of California opened up a case against her.  She in turn researched on her accuser (Lalisa Morgan).  Lori Martin pulled up the following on Lalisa Morgan

Lori Martin writes:  "The courts were told I was stalking the worker because I requested her state licensing number- I lost her card googled her name and all this showed up. She was trained to be a social worker for the elderly, not adolescents- her thesis is in here. After bringing a copy to the BoS the posting ID for her advert was there but none of the information on her."

When Lori Martin questioned the credibility of her accuser, the Social Worker Lalisa Morgan accused Martin of stalking her.

This is the level of professionalism and decorum we have running a billion dollar state agency - an agency tasked to usurp the parental rights of the general public, an agency accused with grounds of acting as the largest trafficker of human beings, an agency accused mass child abuse, child sex abuse and when this children become adults they go on the welfare rolls, on the streets, in the jails or in the morgue.  Lori Martin only asks why are we doing this this way?  Doesn't she deserve an answer?

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