Thursday, September 03, 2015

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Is our country so starved for moral leadership that we have to turn to louts and scoundrels to represent us?  It is true in Los Angeles County, California.

Consider this rather dated email from a mother to County Commissioner Zev Yaroslavsky.  5 people sit on a Board of Supervisors that represent 10 million people.  That concentration of power is staggering.

Here a woman who has had her child ripped away from her complains of character assassination, administrative and judicial recklessness and child abuse by her former husband.  And what did Mr. Yaroslavsky do about it?

You can guess.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lori Martin 
Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 9:04 AM

Mr. Yaroslavsky, this is not the first time I have written to you with my concerns on how out of control Los Angeles County DCFS is. They are now back at my house as of 10-29-12. I had requested they come to see footage of Joshua Blakeney binge drinking on social media. I have been informed by my other child's father Michael Mc Kinney because he provided a letter of character for me for a custody battle, they are now sending a worker to his home out of state? This is uncalled for. The letter had only stated the fact that we where able to put our differences aside, for the benefit of our daughter. 
Michael has done nothing wrong. He has been a great parent and does not deserve to have this seep over in his direction. This is a problem between my ex Joshua Blakeney and myself. My concern is that my 9 year old son had witnessed this type of activity on Mr. Blakeney's behalf. He has told me directly his father takes him to Birthday Parties. In the video Joshua Blakeney clearly states "this is how we do Birthday's".
I have requested all correspondence with DCFS, a mandated report. This has not been supplied. I have a right to this report and have gained it once before. I am requesting the most updated report.
I will be actively contacting Judges in Los Angeles county including Judge Amy Pellman who has sanctioned children services, to notify her of you decade long witch hunt, harassment, and unnecessary investigations. I have a letter from the Pasadena office stating all charges of endangerment and neglect where UNFOUNDED on more than one occasion.
I also am requesting that my minor records are not to be used against me in any way shape or form, because I was a foster child your services think they need to take my children? The very first foster home I was in I had been brutally stabbed in. I still have the scars today. With this said my children had not ever be placed in this type of situation. I will reach the correct parameters to seek damages.
I have attempted to contact Rex White, no response.
I have once or twice spoken to Mr. Oros, he indicated we had been finished, however I was told by Joshua Blakeney your services provided an affidavit to keep me from my son after I notified the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors of their actions. Apparently Mr. Oros has a negative out look or was reprimanded for this situation and then provide the negligent parent the right to keep my child from me? Is this retaliatory actions by one over your DCFS workers? It seems so to me. They get in trouble and now I am being refused visits with Phillip Blakeney.
Supply the copy of this so called affidavit and all reports from DCFS, it is my right to see what is going on with this. I have not been supplied any documents. I want a paper trail as to what exactly your services have been doing in these investigations. Please contact me ASAP. Lori Martin 

Indict Zev Yaroslavsky?


Corruption? Racketeering? Child Trafficking? Child Abuse? Fraud? Embezzlement?

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