Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Allah is reading your tweets

Council on American–Islamic Relations is reading your tweets.  Your ramblings on social media may
get you fired from your job.  Your thoughts, if you express them can get you sent to re-education camp.

Qasim Rashid disparaged the President of the United States.  I challenged his teachings about Islam.  He goes after my day job.  I am not going to confirm or deny my employment.  It is none of CAIR's business who I work for or if I work at all.  I am just middle aged crank who draws comics at night.

Twitter has suspended my account.  I did not suspend my account.  Is Islam and her allies, Social Justice Warriors so pathetic that they have to depend on lies and censorship?  You can put Jesus Christ in a jar of piss, but you ask questions or tell the truth about Islam they will send you to re-education camp, lose your job, go to jail and in Muslim countries, you have no rights at all.

So CAIR sends out a press release and the local media has been calling me non-stop asking for interviews - me - a guy whose comic book readership is at 100 subscribers.

Fox Houston coverage of CAIR’s Twitter War 

Fox News denies my footage request

Click2Houston’s coverage of CAIR’s Twitter War

Raw Footage of the Click2Houston

Univision’s coverage of CAIR’s Twitter War

Raw Footage of the Univision

The Legacy Entertainment Media’s pro-CAIR coverage of the Twitter War

Alt-Entertainment Media’s pro-Free Speech coverage of the CAIR Twitter War

All this because they did not like my tweets.  Do you own research on Islam.  Ask questions like how old was Muhammad's favorite wife Aisha was on her wedding night?  Is it moral for Muslims to lie to advance the cause of Islam?  Is it true you can join Islam but never leave?

We are in clash of civilizations with Islam.  Donald Trump is wrong.  He is making the same mistake as George W. Bush.  We are not at war with Radical Islam.  We are at war with Traditional Islam.  And if any of these hashtags are any indication #SanBernardino, #Chattanooga, #Boston, #FortHood, #Orlando  . . . we are losing.  

The only way to defeat Islam is Prophesy.  We must all convert to being brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.  Following Jesus Christ is the only way you will be happy in this life or in the next.  We must adopt the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe as our patron.  The Muslim moon - the symbol of Allah is under her bare feet.  

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