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The King of Poland, a short story

Poland in 1025
Once upon a time in Poland, there lived a mighty warrior named Boleslav. The Polish Knights named Boleslav the Bold because Boleslav led them victory in battle against the Czechs, the Russians, Germans and the Huns. In the tenth century after Christ, Christianity was new to Poland. And Pope Gregory the Great favored this Polish Prince. Boleslav was a kingmaker. In the year of Our Lord 1077, Pope Gregory made Boleslav king of all the Poles.

Boleslav was smart as well as brave. Foreign currency dominated the Polish markets at the beginning of his reign. Boleslav minted his own currency. He established Benedictine monasteries for poor people.

God made man in his own image. His ways are not our ways. We may look like God. We may speak like God. We may act like God. But that does not make us God. Thus all evil men will always abuse the offices of authority to violate the rights of men. They get away with it. It doesn’t make it right - not in the eyes of God. Death makes all men equal. God will not be mocked.

Boleslav like all men had feet of clay. Laurels and praise always breed envy. The great noble houses chafed under the kingship of Boleslav. No one had the guts to speak out against it - No one - except the Bishop of Krakow - Stanislav.

Bishop Stanislav purchased land on the banks of the Vistula river from Peter of Lublin. Peter had three sons. Having collected Bishop Stanislav’s money, Peter died before the Bishop could take possession of the land. The three sons of Peter sold the land to the King in exchange for royal favor. It took three years after Peter’s death before the King would listen to the Bishop’s petition. Bishop Stanislav would have to argue his case before a corrupt and greedy judge - the King Himself - Boleslav the Bold, Boleslav the Generous.

Bishop Stanisłav asked King Boleslav for three days to produce his witness. Knowing his witness was dead, King Boleslav and his court of lackeys laughed at the absurd request, but the King granted the Bishop his three days. Stanisłav prayed and prayed. Then he got up. He put on the armor of God, the holy vestments of the Bishop of Krakow. He called up his supporters to make a prayerful procession to the cemetery.

Stanislav dug up Peter’s grave. He opened up the casket. In front of everyone Stanislav, Bishop of Krakow ordered Peter to rise and he did so.

Dressed in a cloak, Peter, witness for the Bishop of Krakow made his testimony before King Bolesłav. The first thing the dead man did was rebuke his three evil sons. Imagine your own father rebuking you from the grave.

Peter told the King that the Bishop paid for the land. Unable to give any other verdict, the King ruled in favor of the Bishop. Before dismissing the witness, the King asked Peter if he had his choice to remain alive or go back and die. Peter told the King, that his salvation was secure and that he wanted to go back to Jesus. Thus he laid to rest once more in his grave. And once more, the Bishop buried him.

The Bishop won. But Stanislav gave the credit to Christ his true King. Bishop Stanislav urged Boleslav to follow Christ’s example. But the life and crucifixion of Christ did not interest Boleslav. War interested Boleslav. Intrigues in Ruthenia provided Boleslav the pretext for a short war - a demonstration against the Ruthenians. Boleslav rattled the saber among his young warriors, but he hope to negotiate more land for himself against his erstwhile ally the Ruthenians of the Kievan Rus.

But the short war turned into a long one. And the warriors spent a long time away from home. Many received word from home that their wives had been faithless. Others received word that their servants had risen up against them. Others still received news that debtors oppressed their families. In some instances, the wives had left their husbands for the stewards and property managers and they grew wealthy. The warriors begged the King to take leave so that they could tend to their affairs. The King said no. But the knights went home anyway.

So the King made peace with the Rus. He went home to set his house in order. The first thing he did was he rounded up all the deserters. The king branded each deserter regardless of circumstance a traitor. He gave each deserter a traitor’s death. The King’s men killed each man through a series of indiscriminate and public mutilation. This involved cutting off the traitor’s nose. Fear reigned in the kingdom. Everyone was scared. This had never happened before. No one wanted to speak out against the King. The bloodthirsty King was not satisfied so he took the land of the traitors and sold the women and children into slavery. The King spared the knights left penniless by their unfaithful wives. The King instead condemned the unfaithful wives not for the crime of infidelity but gave them a traitor’s fate. He dispossessed them as well. He needed the money to pay for his wars he was planning.

Boleslav fashioned himself not just as a King but began to regard himself as a God on Earth. So he himself took another man’s wife as his own. He moved her into Wawel Castle.

This was too much for Stanislav, Bishop of Krakow. He spoke out against the King in his sermons and at public gatherings. Many of the nobles gathered around the Bishop. The Bishop pulled out his sword and cursed the King and laid the punishment of excommunication against the king. Excommunication meant that the subjects of Poland no longer had to obey or even listen to King Boleslav the Generous. It also meant that others could rebel against the King. Many did.

The King accused the Bishop of treachery. The King ordered his arrest and murder. But the King’s men feared the Bishop and God more than they did the King. They refused. So the King went himself to kill the Bishop. When the King opened the church doors, the Bishop presided over a mass. Drawing his sword, the King slew the Bishop. He then cut the King up into pieces and fed them to his dogs.

The next day the church held a funeral for the Bishop. To the shock of the King, the Bishop laid in state in his vestments and regalia laid whole. The King thought he saw the Bishop rise. The King went mad and got on the fastest horse he could find and went into exile in Hungary.

King Ladislav owned his Kingdom to Boleslav - the Kingmaker of Europe. Naturally he received Boleslav with open arms. But he could not host the deposed King indefinitely. Ladislav advised deposed King Boleslav to travel to Rome to see Pope Gregory VII, his erstwhile patron against the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV of Germany. 

Pope Gregory received the King of Poland in hopes he would gain aid. Boleslav learned that his brother Vładisłav Herman usurped him. The Pope entertained his request and imposed his own judgment. The Pope ordered that Boleslav travel mute and incognito to the Benedictine Abbey in Ossiach in the Kingdom of Carinthia, Austria. Once Boleslav made a good confession and really repented of his sins, then he could return with the Pope’s support to retake his Kingdom from the usurper Vładisłav. 

 Boleslav did what he was told. He traveled to Carinthia and to the Ossiach Abbey. And he made a good confession. Instead of taking back his kingdom, he lived a life of penance and did many good works. He died in the friendship of God in the year 1082. Saint Stanislav, Bishop of Krakow PRAY FOR US.

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Islam is on the verge of collapse

Does Allah read your tweets?  I spent three years in Hollywood and five years in comic books trying to get famous for my art, my words and my ideas.  A couple of mean tweets to the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and I am famous.  Most Americans can’t stand CAIR.  Most Americans view Islam with skepticism and fear.  Can you blame them?  Now I am in trouble for saying what we all feel but are too afraid to admit.

These men died for Christ
Islam claims to have seven pillars.  But knowing what I know about Islam, I see only 4: fraud, intimidation, censorship and the ignorance of the American people.  Muslims are people.  People are people.  There are good and bad.  Without a doubt, Islam deforms the human spirit.  It stands on lies.  It brings misery and death to all who embrace it.  Islam has bloody borders.  Our elected officials have brought those bloody borders in America.  They have some explaining to do.

There is no mercy in Islam.
Politicians won’t tell you the truth.  Clerics won’t tell you the truth.  The Truth is we are in a clash of civilizations.  We are losing.  We thought our pluralistic approach would work with Islam.  New immigrants will live just like us.  That is false.  We thought we could bring democracy to the Middle East through wars in Iraq and our support of the Arab Spring. That is definitely false.  We thought we could wage war and alienate radical Islam.  No, we are at war with traditional Islam.  We thought we were in a short war.  No we are in a long war.  We thought if we could pull out of the Middle East, they would leave us alone.  We thought if we could ignore their insults and their bloodshed, they would stop.  Not even close . . .

Note pants of the boy. 
So what to do about this alien civilization living among us? This minority makes more demands on us?  This impertinent and organized population slowly chips away at our freedoms.

I do not believe that the Angel Gabriel visited Muhammad in the 6th century.  I believe the visitation happened, it just was not Jesus Christ who talked to him.  Compare the lives of Jesus and Muhammad and what do you see?  Muhammad stands a mass murderer surrounded by wealth and power.  Jesus died the humiliating death of a slave.  Yet one man stands the most influential man who ever lived while the other requires lynch mobs to force compliance.

You can put Jesus in jar of urine, but if you insult Muhammad, these people will kill you.  Do you remember Salman Rushdie?  Do you remember Charlie Hebdo?

I do not accept anything CAIR says is true.  They lie for terrorism.  They lie for Islam.  Most people associate terrorism with Islam.  Do you need evidence?  How many people have to die before we admit this?  Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, Little Rock, Fort Hood, Boston, Moore Oklahoma, Garland, Brooklyn, Queens, St Cloud Minnesota, Columbus, Chelsea.  Every time one of these incidents happens here or overseas, the paid liars of CAIR, say “that this is not the face of Islam” while we learn that the killers scream “Allah Akbar” and swear allegiance to the Islamic state.

Where is your compassion?
CAIR provoked a Twitter War.  CAIR ended the Twitter war by getting Jack Dosey, CEO of Twitter to suspend the offending account.  But that is not enough for CAIR.  Will these people ever be satisfied?  We know the answer.

CAIR never condemned Osama bin Laden for the September 11th attacks on the World trade Center.  Even the United Arab Emirate, itself a sponsor or Islamic terrorism, calls CAIR a terrorist group.  Yet when CAIR sends out a press release, FAKE NEWS chases the story like a dog after a biscuit.  Why?

Social Justice Warriors don't care about poor
people.  They ally themselves with Islam. These lackeys
and serve as dangerous 5th column in subverting
our way of life.
CAIR makes demands but CAIR can’t answer simple questions such as

1) If Islam is so superior to all other faiths, why do you kill apostates who wish to leave?

2) How old was Muhammad’s favorite bride Aisha?  Qasim Rashid says 15.  Ibn Hashim says 9. Hadiths say 6.

3) How would you feel if we treated religious minorities like you the same way Islamic countries treat religious minorities over there?

4) Why should anyone believe you, because in Islam, the practice of Taqiya allows you to say anything true or false as long as it advances the cause of Islam?

Muslims represent 1% of the US population yet all media
outlets bend over whenever they put out a press release.  Why?
5) You condemn ISIS (like we believe you) and yet so many western educated coreligionists are joining their ranks.  Why?

6) If ISIS is not true Islam, why does it call itself the Islamic State?

I could go on, but I learned the hard way when I lived over there.  (Yes, I am an Iraq War veteran - none of the FAKE NEWS seems to mention that.) You cannot reason with these people.  They do not respect reasoned arguments, logic, or practice the principles of non contradiction.  They appreciate force.

Do we have any responsibility to helping the
Christians and religions minorities in
Muslim countries?
You want to deal with Islam.  You have to do it from a position of strength.  You have to prepared to take losses - lots of losses.  You have to commit yourself.  You also have a superior idea to Islam.  The hedonistic practical atheism of the post modern age only encourages to view the West (rightfully so) as weak.

So how do we get strong?  How were we strong?  Western civilization thrived not because the scribblings of the Enlightenment, but because of the teachings of Jesus Christ through Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis and Saint Gregory.  Only Catholic polities can conquer Islam.  Recall the Virgin of Guadeloupe - Our Lady’s appearance in North America has the serpent and the Muslim Moon at her feet.

Islam is very weak.  ISIS has scandalized the Muslim world.  Religious feeling in Turkey and Iran has never been strong.  Saudi Arabia is a wealthy failed state. Egypt overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government demonstrates this.  Most Muslims know their religion is ridiculous.  But the lynch mobs of Islam survive because of the weakness of the West.  We must convert ourselves and pray.

The Virgin will conquer Islam.

Look the Virgin stands on the moon of Islam (the symbol of the demon Allah).

The Virgin will save us.

#DeusVult #Crusade #VivaCristoRey

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Financial Statements for Business Proposal in Training Our Forces Maintenance Procedures of Electronic Warfare devices

Trained Personnel
Role Players
Support Personnel
CM Environmental Read
  • Prepare Paint Guns
  • IED simulators
  • Command Wire IED
  • Anti-BLUE force EW devices
  • Decoy threats
Stand By
Prep Threats
Set Up EME
Attach Threat devices to the IED simulator

Closed Loop
Ready to Go
Ready to Go
Performs CREW and Blue Communications pre-mission checks and inspections
Stand by
  • Ensure Role Players are ready
  • Ensure OPFOR is ready
  • Ensure Blue Forces are ready
  • Ensure EME is ready
Stand by
Stand by

Observe and Track BLUE Forces
  • Mill Around
  • Shop
  • Talk and meet each other on the street
  • Wait for the bus or work
  • Drive

Employ Decoys
Distract Convoy Personnel
Draw a Collateral Damage Incident

Detonate IED Simulators
Engage BLUE forces
MEDEVAC Complete
Defeated or Ex-filtrated
  • Clear Area
  • Gather Around
  • Protest
  • Riot
  • Grieve
  • Help
End Exercise


ECMD Job Descriptions and Evaluation
16 April 2007


A Tech 1 is responsible for learning two main tasks on the ECMD team.  The first task for a Tech 1 to learn is Target Configuration Management (TCM), and the second is Electro-Magnetic Environment (EME) operation.  A Tech 1 is not limited to only learning and conducting these two tasks but it is imperative that a Tech 1 learns and conducts these tasks properly.

The Tech 1 is responsible for learning the skills required to conduct these tasks properly.  The skills required for TCM involve, walking (sometimes at night), being able to properly collect and save data using a handheld spectrum analyzer (HHSA), being able to legibly write information pertaining to the data collected on the HHSA, basic computer knowledge (Microsoft XP and Microsoft Office), and the Tech 1 must have the ability to read small print in poorly lit conditions when taking a TCM measurement.

The basic process for conducting a TCM measurement will be discussed next.  Using the Target and Environment Configuration Management Schematics book is helpful in learning how to properly conduct TCM measurements. The usage of the HHSA will be discussed later in this document.

  1. The first thing a Tech 1 should do when he or she is required to gather TCM information is to locate the target list that is associated with the particular test they are supporting.   This list will provided needed information for the TCM measurement.

  1. The Tech 1 should also have a target sheet that has space to write the needed TCM information.  It is usually a good idea to have the target list under the target sheet on a clipboard.  If TCMs have already been done by a previous shift that is working on the same test then it is good idea to put that sheet on the clipboard (if it is not already) and to look at the information that they have collected and compare it to the information that will be collected.

  1. When going into the field to collect a TCM measurement the Tech 1 will need his or her clip board with all the appropriate paperwork, a HHSA, a 15 foot with BNC male ends, 2 N-TYPE male to BNC female connectors, 1 BM-01 antenna, a ground plane for the BM-01 antenna, a tape measure, and a bucket.  The equipment may change with time but the basic equipment names (clipboard, HHSA, cable, connectors, antenna, ground plane, and bucket) will stay the same.

  1. The Tech 1 should carry a black pen with them to fill out the needed information on the target sheets pertaining to the TCM trace.  This information includes the technicians scheduled shift, system under test (SUT) abbreviation, target position, target identifier, date/time, test type, threat location, automation type, frequency, power level, TX height and polarization, RX height and polarization, TX to RX distance, test code, initials, target name, and TCM trace name.  If writing error occurs just put a line through the mistake and continue, however if there is not enough room then start on a new line.  Sometimes the job requires working at night so a head lamp or flashlight is also a useful tool.

  1. Once the target is in place and ready to have TCM information collected on it the Tech 1 (preferably 2 Tech 1s) will drive to the location of the threat with the appropriate equipment.  On location make sure that the vehicle is not blocking the line of sight of the threat and that the vehicle is parked no closer than 10 m from the threat.

  1. If there is only 1 Tech 1 then the technician needs to walk to the TX side to collect the TX information.  This includes name, serial number, height off of the ground, automation type, distance from RX, and antenna polarization (Vertical, Horizontal, 45 degrees etc…).

  1. Then the Tech 1 will walk back to the RX side and record more information including, serial number, height off the ground, and antenna polarization.

  1. Once this is done the Tech 1 will set up the ground plane and BM-01 at the same height as the RX (IE on the ground or on a bucket) and at the same distance that the TX is to the RX.  Next connect the cable to the BM-01 and then extend the cable make sure there are no kinks or loops in the cable.  The other end of the cable will be connected to the HHSA.  If there were 2 Tech 1s then one would walk and gather the written information and the other would set up the ground plane, antenna, and HHSA in the appropriate spot near the RX.

  1. At this time the Tech 1 will request all vehicles and personnel to be clear of the RX and clear of TX to RX line of sight.

  1. Recall and Activate the TCM trace template that is saved on the HHSA.  Locate the correct frequency from the target list or target sheet, call for the TX side to send continuously.  Make sure you see the appropriate frequency spike while TX is sending.  Once you see the appropriate spike select max hold under trace/trace mode and let it stay on max hold for at least 5 transmissions.  Now select view under trace/trace mode, and then select save.

  1. The save menu will show up which requires a trace name.  The basic save template will be saved as tcsh-sy-ps-tg-r where tc stands for test code (pr, md, or po), sh stands for shift (a, b, or c), sy stands for system under test (see SUT legend), ps stands for position (site target position), tg stands for target (see test plan or target sheet for target designator), and r for run.

If the site laptop and R&S optical cable are not co operable and the test target traces are being sent to JERC for processing the traces must be saved differently! The format is (date DDMM)-(shift)(site)(test code)-(position)(target)(run).  The shift selections are still limited to a, b, or c, but the test code for this format is b for beginning, m for middle, and e for end.  The site selections are listed in table 1

Table 1 - Site Letter Designators
Castle Dome
Laposa Dz

An example of a properly saved trace on the HHSA would be 1704-aBb-111.  This means the trace was taken on April 17th by a technician on shift a at Jerc2.  The lowercase b means it is a pre trace, and the numbers at the end mean the trace was taken at position 1 on target 1 for run 1.  Now positions and target identifiers will change with each site please label the changes on the traces accordingly so that data personnel will be able to process the data efficiently.

  1. Once the TCM trace is saved select save and write down the time/date and name of the trace on the target sheet.  Select the trace that was just saved and then write down the frequency and power level of the spike.

  1. At this point the target sheet should be completely filled out for the TCM.  Once the TCMs are complete and the Technicians have returned to base it is their job to show the site lead the TCM information for approval.  Once the TCM information has been approved the Tech 1 can drop the data from the HHSA to the laptop.

  1. Connect the HHSA to the laptop via serial cable or USB cable.  Open up the appropriate software for the HHSA on the laptop.  If the HHSA used is a Rhode&Schwarz FSH3 or FSH6 the appropriate software is FSH View.

The next section discusses proper data transfer and storage of TCM traces using a Rhode&Schwarz FSH3 or FSH6 HHSA and FSH View software.

  1. When FSH View is opened the first screen will appear with a com port connection window.
Make sure that the optical USB or optical serial cable is connected to the FSH3/6 and the laptop.  Then click on START -> Control Panel -> System icon -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button -> and then click on the + in front of Ports (COM & LPT).  Once the + in front of Ports (COM & LPT) has been clicked on the words Prolific USB-to-Serial Bridge (COM #) should be present.  This is the com port connected to the FSH3/6.

  1. Once the com port is selected the laptop is connected to the FSH3/6 and the program will appear blank.
  2. Now the Dataset Control needs to be selected to view and transfer files from the FSH3/6 to the laptop.
  3. The window on the left shows information that is stored on the FSH3/6.  The window on the right shows information that is stored on the laptop.

  4. To transfer information from the FSH3/6 to the laptop a user must first select the RAW DATA folder in the correctly dated target trace folder THAT IS IN THE CORRECT TEST FOLDER!  Once it has been verified that the right laptop window is displaying the proper RAW DATA folder the user can then click on or select the traces in the left FSH3/6 window and then click on the >> button to transfer the traces.

  1. Now that the traces have been transferred from the FSH3/6 to the laptop and verified that they all open properly from the laptop they can be removed from the FSH3/6.  To remove the traces using the FSH View software involves opening up the Dataset Control, selecting the traces in the left FSH3/6 window, and then clicking on the red X in the upper left hand corner of the Dataset Control window.  Deleting traces without using the FSH View software involves turning on the FSH3/6, pressing the SAVE button, and then using the wheel and DELETE soft button (F2), or the DELETE ALL soft button (F1).  VERIFY THAT ALL OF THE NEEDED TRACES HAVE BEEN PROPERLY TRANSFERRED BEFORE DELETING! 

This section will discuss the FSH3 or FSH6, and FSH View software functions that are used by Tech 1s on the ECMD team.

The FSH3 or FSH6 are similar to the image shown in figure 1.  The HHSA settings for
TCM measurements are as follows:

Center Frequency = Target Frequency
Span = 8 MHz
RBW = 30 KHz
VBW = 30 KHz
Sweep Time = Auto
Reference Level = -30 dBm
Preamp = On

A preset trace on the HHSA should have all these settings saved already.  This preset trace is saved as tcsh-sy-ps-tg-r. To activate the preset trace push the SAVE button and the recall soft button (F4).  Use the wheel to select the preset trace, press the recall soft button (F4) again, and then the Activate soft button (F4) to use the trace settings.

To set the center frequency press the FREQ button and then press F1 (which corresponds to the center freq soft button) and type in the center frequency using the numbered key pad, the appropriate units (KHz, MHz, GHz), and then finally press the button enter.

Figure 1 – R&S FSH3/6

If the preset trace is not saved on the FSH3/6 HHSA then the steps to properly set up the HHSA for proper TCM measurements are as follows:

  1. Turn the HHSA on.  This is done by pressing the orange/yellow button in the lower left hand corner of the FSH3/6 HHSA.  If it does not turn on the battery may not be charged.  So find the standard AC wall plug, plug in the FSH 3/6, and then try to turn it on again. 

  1. Once the unit is on make sure that the date/time is correct and that the preamp is turned on the HHSA.  To do this press the setup button, the general soft key (F1); use the wheel to select DATE…, and then press ENTER or F1 to select date.  The date for the FSH3/6 comes up in DD/MM/YYYY format NOT MM/DD/YYYY like most software applications so MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE DATE CORRECTLY. 

  1. To set the time follow the same steps required to set the date except when you get to the general menu use the wheel to select TIME….  The time format on the FSH3/6 is 24 hour.

  1. To turn the preamp on press the SETUP button and then press the HARDWARE SETUP soft button (F3).  Use the wheel to select PREAMP…, press enter, use the wheel then to select on and then press enter again.

  1. To set the span to 8 MHz press the SPAN button and then use the numbered key pad to type 8, use the unit buttons to type MHz, and then press enter.

  1. To set the RBW and VBW to 30 KHz press the BW button, and then select MANUAL RES BW soft button (F1).  Type in 30 using the numbered key pad, press the kHz unit button, and then press enter.  Pressing the down arrow when the MANUAL RES BW soft button (F1) is selected will also change the RBW to 30 KHz.  If the VBW/RBW ratio is set to 1 then changing the RBW to 30 KHz will automatically change the VBW to 30 KHz.  If the VBW does not automatically change to 30 KHz then repeat the steps for changing the RBW but when you get to the BW soft buttons select MANUAL VIDEO BW.

  1. The sweep time should be set to auto.  Press the SWEEP button and then make sure AUTO SWPTIME and CONT SWEEP are selected.

  1. To adjust the reference level to -30 dBm press the AMPT button, press REF LEVEL soft button (F1) and then using the numbered key pad type 30 and then press the –dBm unit button.

  1. If the trace that is sweeping across the screen does not appear to be a thin jagged line then select the TRACE button, press the DETECTOR soft button (F4), then use the wheel to select MAX PEAK and press enter.

The top of the FSH3/6 screen should read from left to right:

Detect: Max Pk                                    Trig: Free                                    RBW: 30 kHz
Ref: -30 dBm                                                Trace: Cl/Wr                                    VBW: 30 kHz
Att: 0 dB                                                                                                SWT: 100 ms

The bottom of the FSH3/6 screen, excluding the soft buttons should read from left to right:

Center: (target center frequency)                                                Span: 8 MHz

If all of this is correct then press the SAVE button, then the SAVE soft button and save the setting for the TCM preset trace as tc-sh-sy-ps-tg-r and press en

The second main task of a Technician Level 1 is to learn proper EME operation.

  1. Turning the power on.  The EME Trailer requires a 60 KW Generator that must be started upon arrival at the site. The voltage must be set for 120 VAC using the knob on the front panel and read using a voltmeter in the EME Trailer.  The frequency should be set for 60 Hertz using the generator throttle and verified using the indicator on the front panel. 

Once the generator is running and the front panel of the generator is displaying 60Hz and 120 VAC close the circuit to provide power to the EME trailer.  When inside the trailer open the breaker box and turn the light breaker, and Air Conditioner breaker on.  At this point turn on the Air Conditioner and check the AC voltage meter to insure it is the GREEN.  If the AC voltage meter is not GREEN then adjust the 60 KW Generator until proper power is verified. 

Now that the proper power level has been verified the next step is to make sure the UPS battery back up systems are connected to all signal generators that are going to be used.  The breakers for all other trailer components can now be turned on and the UPS battery back up systems can also be turned on.  Make sure that the air conditioner is adjusted to provide adequate cooling for equipment.  If this is not done equipment failure may result!

  1. Connect the outputs of the amplifiers to dummy loads to inhibit unintended transmissions

  1. Apply power only to the generators required for the EME scenario and make sure the RF output is turned off.

  1. Apply power to the amplifiers and allow 1 hour warm-up time prior to use to ensure stabilization. If the AR amplifier is required apply power and adjust to a percentage previously established for the testing session (21% in ALC mode is close to the power of the 25 Watt Empower amps).

  1. At the EME trailer, turn on the laptop (laptop usage is only required if a signal generator control program is required) and Spectrum Analyzer (SA).

  1. Setting up the Spectrum Analyzer

    1. Press power on button

    1. Press “File” button

    1. Press the “Load” soft key

    1. Spectrum Analyzer: Using the up and down arrow buttons or the Jog wheel highlight the EME State File named “EME”.  The settings for the EME State File are:

Start Freq 100MHz
Stop Freq 500MHz
RBW 300KHz
VBW 100KHz
Reference Level Offset is equal to coupler rating
Reference Level 30 dBm
Video Line -35 dBm

    1. Press the “Load Now” soft key

  1. Aligning the Spectrum Analyzer

    1. Press “System” button

    1. Press the “Alignment” soft key

    1. Press the “Alignment Now” soft key

    1. Press the “All” soft key; after self-alignment is complete continue.

  1. For EME level verification a technician level 1 or higher will use a portable SA with a broadband antenna for the appropriate frequency range of the EME.  The SA settings used for EME receive signal levels (RSLs) are as follows:

Span 500KHz
Reference Level -30 dBm
Set Trace Detector to RMS and Trace type to average
Sweep Time 2sec
Center Frequency is set to a desired EME frequency
Verify the Date & Time

The technician level 1 or higher will proceed to following location(s) to measure EME levels:

    1. The benign bucket course at the center and each end of the course.

    1. The tactical emplacements course at the designated at the city center reference point.

    1. Or other predetermined site locations to measure EME levels.

  1. EME Laptop (If the EME setup requires signal generator controller software): Left click the HT Basic Icon to run the application and press “P” to pause on Condition 1. (If all generators do not turn on, the software will stop running before Condition 1. The software reads the generators sequentially and a list of the recognized generators, up to the stop point, will display aiding in troubleshooting. The last generator displayed is the generator that did not respond and is at fault)

  1. After EME software starts, enter a timing number established before test for example “3” for three seconds.

  1. When it is time to measure EME levels make sure that the amplifiers outputs are connected to the transmitting antenna via a low loss cable.  Then a technician level 1 or higher will measure each signal in the EME script for each condition.

  1. To adjust the output power of each signal generator for the level required for the test (-60, -65, -70, -75, and -80 have all been used in the past) plus or minus 3dBm as measured at the reference points:

    1. On the Signal Generator press LOCAL

    1. Press LEVEL

    1. Press UP and DOWN to set output level or use the jog wheel.  Make sure the step rate is set to MEDIUM so that a 1 unit turn of the jog wheel will equal 1 dBm of power adjustment.

  1. A technician 2 or higher will assist a technician 1 with recording the Signal Generators levels.  To adjust the EME Script levels follow these steps:

    1. On the EME computer’s Desktop: double click on the RSDATA Shortcut Icon

    1. Look at the contents of the RSDATA folder and chose the correct Script scheduled for use that day.

    1. Edit the levels for each generator.  After “Condition 1” is completed press “C” then “ENTER”

    1. When Condition 2 is displayed press “P” to pause at “Condition 2” and repeat (This order of level collection and setting is only an example of the process. In reality all levels may be established prior to editing the script).

  1. After EME levels are set Press “C” and “ENTER” to start the script.

  1. Turn off the amps and move the cables from the antennas to the dummy loads until EME is required.

  1. When EME is required, turn off the amps and move the cables from dummy loads to the antennas. Reapply power to the amps.

  1. Every two hours the EME is in operation verify and record EME status.

  1. Connect the SA to the WEST test Jack on the RF Patch panel.

  1. Then using the Spectrum Analyzer:

    1. Press the “View/Trace” button

    1. Press the “CLEAR WRITE” Soft key

    1. Press the “VIEW” Soft key

    1. Press the “Marker” button

    1. Press the “Peak Search” button

  1. At each Peak record the frequency and level in dBm.  To get to the next peak press the “Next Peak” Soft key.  Record all signals including intermod components above -35 dBm

  1. This procedure must be performed every two hours that EME is in operation (Be advised you are reading half of a condition to read the other half you must connect the SA input to the East test jack)

The tasks discussed in this document are the first set of tasks mandatory for all ECMD team members to learn.  New equipment or procedures that may effect how these tasks are currently done will result in an update in this document.  This document is required to be read by all new NewTec ECMD employees and it is recommended to read this document with the Target and Environment Configuration Management Schematics book so that greater understanding of the material discussed can be reached.  For further questions involving the procedures discussed in this document please seek the guidance of a supervisor.

I _________________________ (state your name) have read and understand the material discussed in this document for a Technician Level 1.

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Technician Level 1
Test and Evaluation

  1. Please describe, in your own words, the proper equipment and steps required for conducting TCM measurements (Please use a separate piece of paper if the space below is not sufficient).

  1. Please describe, in your own words, the proper steps required for basic EME start up and EME RSL level readings (Please use a separate piece of paper if the space below is not sufficient).