Friday, June 24, 2005

James A. Bretney Posted by Hello


ThePatriot1996 said...

Lord Tiberious,
I vote YES!!!! You would make a great trial lawyer with a compelling argument such as this. I have great respect.. and maybe even a little hedonistic envy for your knowledge. I can only hope that I too have afforded you some insight in our conversing. I feel I have found something I'm good at it the military, and it gives me great satisfaction and pride. I hope you find the same on your journey to a new way of life. I'd take a bullet for you any day, Jimbo! We will always be brothers in Christ, as well as brothers in arms.

Don Roberto

Anonymous said...

Couldnt have said it better,
nicely done and well researched.
It is sad that the "party of no" is only willing to obstruct rather than do what they have been elected and paid to do.
Keep the faith brother and see you upon my return
MSG Calverase