Friday, July 01, 2005

Iran Must Die

Darkness Falls Over Teheran

I was five years old when I first learned what the word “Shiite” meant. A Shiite was a Muslim – he was not a Sunni. A lot of Shiites lived in Iran. Shiites were those people who dressed in black and burned American flags. They showed these pictures of blindfolded Americans – the newspapermen called hostages. And when Jimmy Carter appeared and I pointed to the television and I said, “Look Ma, the President of the United States!” My Mom called him a bad name. I don’t remember the word but I remember incident as it was out of character for my mother. At the time, she loved all things American.

Unlike those younger than I am, I know what the Shiites were and are before they became our allies in Iraq. I know what they have done and I certainly know what they are capable of.

I grew up despising the Ayatollah Khomeini. I never forgave Peace Democrats for loosing Iran. It is one of the reasons why I will always argue that a Peace Democrat is unfit for the Presidency. Could you imagine FDR, JFK or LBJ’s reaction to the hostage crisis? I would sooner stomach a Bay of Pigs or Vietnam. Defeats though they were, they had more honor and less humiliation than Peanut Diplomacy.

I will not say that I had not warmed up to the idea of rapprochement between our two governments – an opportunity under Reagan and Clinton. Iran has much to offer the world. It is seat of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. And the promise of future greatness that the Shah had to offer Persia and the world was not lost on me.

Yet the recent election of one of hostage captors as President makes my blood boil. Apparently this terrorist head of state declared his audacity in re-starting the nuclear program.

If NATO has any relevance, NATO should block all attempts by Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. NATO together with Russia and China should consider all options to include assassination, coup d’etat, revolution, cruise missile strike, bombing runs, air war, and punitive invasion with no occupation, invasion followed by occupation and or partition and nuclear war.

I only regret that Iraq’s forces are too weak to invade Iran to behead this monster who is the fount of Shiite terrorism around the world. If we had ten years, maybe there would be a greater Iraq under a secular mantle. The world does not have ten years.

We could allow China, of which it must be said that Truman, another Democrat and war Democrat at that lost to Communists, to become a great power as they never flouted International law under the aegis of a terrorist council by publicly humiliating us in front of the whole world for 444 days. We cannot allow this son of bitch sit as head of state. Iran a charter member of the Axis of Evil and Axis of Oil, punctuates the urgency of his decapitation.

I urge the President to garner support internationally to oppose Iran’s nuclear program, advocate active and vital regime change and to find the right timing and pretext to destroy this ugly tyranny now and forever.

It is going to take time. We need more time for more brigades to be formed, for allies to be convinced of the evil and commit to the cause, time for the Persian people –seventy percent of whom are under the age of thirty and do not much care for the future the mullahs are offering, and the guerrillas and opposition in and out of Iran need time to organize and prepare for the right time to pound the nail in the coffin into this regime of camel lovers.

History destines President Bush’s preeminence among the preeminent men of the Presidency. Especially if after finishing the unfinished business of his father’s presidency, he finished the unfinished business of the Carter presidency.


Saxa said...

They get their power from money. They get their money from selling oil. Stop driving cars that operate on oil-derived fuels (petroleum) and they will lose their money, then their power. Use biodiesel. It works better and the proceeds from the purchase go to American farmers and American fuel processors, although it costs a bit more. Roughly $3/gallon. If protecting American, indeed global, freedom is worth your life, certainly it's worth $3+/gallon.
BTW - I know Microsoft engineers who immigrated from Iran and have lived here for over a decade and earned masters degrees at American universities, that believe the Iranian government is more honest and ethical than the Bush administration. If they can't be convinced of your "solution" to Iran I seriously doubt those living in Iran would be convinved... not that I disagree with you. I just believe a more practical and less bloody approach would be to starve them of all their cash. check out

PS - I believe your thoughts on illegal immigration continue to be wrong, but I'm not going to waste my time debating people who refuse to acknowledge the facts and respond with incomprehensible jibberish.

James A. Bretney said...

Iran sells most of their gasoline to Europe. We use to buy thier gas until 1979 before the Shah fell from power.

As far as your anecdotal evidence goes, read READING LOLOITA IN TEHERAN and tell me that people are not discontent with thier government.

James A. Bretney said...

Gimme a break!

I challenge you to this. . . I challenge you to that . . . Tell you what Senor fact check, when anecdotal evidence is all you got, you still should consider it.

If you don't like my sources, I challenge you to come up with your own.

Time magazine did a piece of Iran, and what you are basically reading is one reporter's anecdotal evidence. The Iranian people realize that there will be no velvet revolution. That deliverance has to come by force. Any successful insurgency will need outside support. That's where we come in.