Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cynicism is not leadership

The most relevant issue today is the state of the Bush II Presidency. What lasting legacy will it lead. Is it a success or failure?

With polls nearing the abysmal, pre-9/11 critics would conculde that Bush II is a failure only surpassing his father in getting re-elected. Such a view is short sighted, because though his policies may not be popular at the moment. They are the only credible ideas worthy of consideration.

No one else has a solution on Iraq, Oil, Immigration or Emergency Response. Everyone else is quick to criticize but no one has any solutions. Solutions really don't emerge until the next Presidential candidacy. As the Presidency is the platform for real political change.

The problem is that the Presidency is an eight year institution and the President becomes a lame duck on relection. Without the FDR style presidencies, you won't see major political change. Perhaps the Constitution be ammended to let men like Bush and Clinton, who are relatively young men for the Presidency stand for multiple terms. Then again, perhaps the wisdom behind the 22nd Ammendment is to prevent Julius Ceasars from making our democracy into a quaint political theatre.

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