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Drama from the Catholic Left

Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 17:57:13 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: Fw: Torture
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I am US Army defense contractor and reservist. I am very familiar with the course offerings here on Fort Huachua. We don't torture. If you have evidence that we do teach torture, please produce it. Thank you.

James A. Bretney
520 255 4137

Joel Fago
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"JoAnn" ; "Lynne"
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Subject: Re: Torture

> Dear Larry,
> Thanks for the email. I am familiar with Dorthy Day's Catholic Workers--
> much humanitarian work has been done by its members.
> Today, Sierra Vista Herald printed my letter "defending" Obama:
> Take a look at the facts on Obama, other candidates
> Published on Monday, January 07, 2008
> To the Editor:
> Re: "Take a deep look at the candidates," Dec. 23.
> Anyone who says that Sen. Barack Obama refuses to say the Pledge of
> Allegiance or place his hand over his heart during the Pledge of
> Allegiance is not taking a deep look at the facts. All one looking for the
> truth has to do is go to or
> I am against Sen. Barack Obama because he is for abortion, the killing of
> unborn babies.
> Joel Fago
> Sierra Vista
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> Subject: Re: Torture
>> Joel & Shelia,
>> I read an account of your protest in "Peacemakers
>> Spend Weekend Protesting Torture in the Desert"
>> see
>> @
>> Are you familiar with Dorthy Day's Catholic Workers?
>> --- Joel Fago wrote:
>>> Sheila and I just returned from the torture protest
>>> at Fort Huachuca. When we arrived, someone handed
>>> Sheila a sign, "Support Our Troops." I wandered off
>>> and picked up a great sign: it had a drawing of
>>> Jesus on the cross and the words, "All Torture Is
>>> Evil." After holding it for a while, a fellow came
>>> over and thanked me for holding his sign and gave me
>>> a sign, "NO TO TORTURE." I took the sign to where
>>> Sheila was standing. Some people near Sheila told
>>> me to go back to the other side. I said that I do
>>> support our troops by saying no to torture. They
>>> screamed at me to get out of there. I tried to
>>> reason with them until a police officer told me to
>>> go over to the other side. I tried to reason with
>>> him until he started pushing me to the other side.
>>> A lady on the other side asked me to step up to the
>>> microphone and tell what happened. I did and asked
>>> for a discussion of the issues not to be separated
>>> into sides. I ended by saying, "Unless truth
>>> prevails, our country will fail."

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