Saturday, May 05, 2012

What if Joss Whedon was a hot chic?

I almost didn't watch Alpha Planet.   The beta males annoyed me and the love interest reminded me of my ex-wife. But I hung in there because of Don Jeanes whose character provided a ground truth to those man card holders so I wanted to see what happened to his character. Then I warmed up o the other characters.  Upon reflection, the casting/acting was really brilliant.

Alpha Planet is Mad Max meets Star Trek, but a Star Trek where the Army of 12 Monkeys futuristic politburo ran the federation.  The year is 2256. For 200 years the entire human civilization has lived on the A.R.C. refuge ship, and supplies are running short. Four explorers have been sent back to Earth in search of signs of new life.

It's a great show. Everyone involved should be proud of this work. Science fiction is hard to do and the actors and crew pulled it off.   Look around, how many high concept Television is on the networks now.  We have a cable network show dedicated to Science Fiction and there is nothing new or novel.

Actor, Writer, Producer - Arron Fenton as Kira
Independent film goers who are looking for edgier, more avant garde, less politically correct and therefore more relevant storytelling, should give this show a chance.  This story is rife with misdirection,  at first I thought the writer was a man and a right winger like myself.  I was surprised - pleasantly.

The universe building Arron Marie Fenton creates in the story is  very reminiscent of Firefly and Planet of the Apes.  People should watch this show because it reflects the harsh and cold consequences of when bureaucracies commingle with the lights of perverted science.

Don Jeanes

Like I said, it took guts for everyone to stick it out and you guys did it, I really like it. GREAT JOB!!!!  There are some first time filmmaker mistakes in this web, but performances are not one of them.  Texas born Don Jeanes is a real stand out.

If you like a little political intrigue with your science fiction, then watch Alpha Planet. You won't be disappointed.

Joss Whedon, look over your shoulder.

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