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Back Room Brawls?

From Jim Ehl

News about Maricopa County
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 08:54:30 -0700

One of the things that this information brings to mind is a lack of an Arizona Republican TEAM. And, it's no better here in this corner of the state. We, too, changed chairs except like the info from Rob to the MCRC, the CCRC was not told about it. Some learned about second hand and the membership as a whole found out about it at the mandatory meeting where the 'in crowd' were all acting as business as usual. It was known earlier down here about Lyle's resignation when 'Frosty' forwarded a copy of Dan Nichols resignation. But, with no state team one wonders just how many of the other counties are doing what. Do the have the same chairs as they elected in 2006? Have any changed in significant way? Ah, it doesn't seem to matter. It's been noted that the counties can do whatever they like and we don't work together, anyway.

Does the state party hierarchy know what is going on with the county parties? Sometimes back the chair of Cochise County resigned and the party blog, nor the Tusk bit said anything. Now, Lyle Tuttle is resigning as the chair of Maricopa and the state had said nothing that I have seen. No fond farewell, kiss my bazooka, or anything. Is there anything going on with the rest of the county parties that is of interest?

Anyway, good luck to Tom. There are those of us outside Maricopa County who have appreciated Lyle.


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P.S. There is some interesting information in the wind. The budget, property taxes, and a number of other items. If you go to ALIS (Arizona Legislative Information System) you will note that all of the state representatives and state senators have their email address listed. I have added the Republicans to my list. There are no plans to send every Arizona Town Crier to them, but there will be some that should be of interest to our elected.

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Click on link below at SEEINGRED for the story.


Tom Husband, District 11 officer, to run for Maricopa County Chairman « Seeing Red AZ

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