Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thomas Dunn accuses Gabby of Franking Fraud

From Jim Ehl

Remember, a couple of times we discussed on the Arizona Town Crier how Rep. Giffords was using franked mail to campaign? Now, someone with initiative has done something about it. Thomas Dunn has filed an official complaint. See below. The amount of money spend is really secondary to the character of the person spending it. For a representative to take advantage of those whom they represent is not worthy of that office.


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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Citizen Complaint filed against Giffords on Franked Mail Abuse

For Immediate Release: January 3, 2008


Dunn: Gabby Giffords violates franking standards…demands reimbursement of the peoples' money.

Tucson, AZ – Local political activist Thomas Dunn filed an official complaint that Congresswoman Gabby Giffords violated Section 3215; Section 3210 (a) (2); Section 3210 (a) (3) (B); and Section 3210 (a) (5) (A) of the standards set forth by the Committee on House Administration with Congressman Michael Capuano. The complaint was sent on December 14, received and forwarded to the Majority Office of the Committee on House Administration.

In his written complaint, Dunn refers to Pelosi's branding of Republicans as "the culture of corruption" as demogoging. Pelosi clearly had no principled intent on enforcing the same standards upon her own party.

Dunn demands that Ms. Giffords reimburse any funds spent inappropriately from her official reelection campaign accounts and vow to not abuse the privilege in the future.

Dunn also pleaded for an impartial analysis from the Majority Office.

Actual complaint

Here is the link to the Cmtee on House Admin franking guidelines.

Her violations are on
pg 2, #5;
pg 14, #12;
pg 16 # 16.

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