Friday, March 17, 2017

Islam is on the verge of collapse

Does Allah read your tweets?  I spent three years in Hollywood and five years in comic books trying to get famous for my art, my words and my ideas.  A couple of mean tweets to the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and I am famous.  Most Americans can’t stand CAIR.  Most Americans view Islam with skepticism and fear.  Can you blame them?  Now I am in trouble for saying what we all feel but are too afraid to admit.

These men died for Christ
Islam claims to have seven pillars.  But knowing what I know about Islam, I see only 4: fraud, intimidation, censorship and the ignorance of the American people.  Muslims are people.  People are people.  There are good and bad.  Without a doubt, Islam deforms the human spirit.  It stands on lies.  It brings misery and death to all who embrace it.  Islam has bloody borders.  Our elected officials have brought those bloody borders in America.  They have some explaining to do.

There is no mercy in Islam.
Politicians won’t tell you the truth.  Clerics won’t tell you the truth.  The Truth is we are in a clash of civilizations.  We are losing.  We thought our pluralistic approach would work with Islam.  New immigrants will live just like us.  That is false.  We thought we could bring democracy to the Middle East through wars in Iraq and our support of the Arab Spring. That is definitely false.  We thought we could wage war and alienate radical Islam.  No, we are at war with traditional Islam.  We thought we were in a short war.  No we are in a long war.  We thought if we could pull out of the Middle East, they would leave us alone.  We thought if we could ignore their insults and their bloodshed, they would stop.  Not even close . . .

Note pants of the boy. 
So what to do about this alien civilization living among us? This minority makes more demands on us?  This impertinent and organized population slowly chips away at our freedoms.

I do not believe that the Angel Gabriel visited Muhammad in the 6th century.  I believe the visitation happened, it just was not Jesus Christ who talked to him.  Compare the lives of Jesus and Muhammad and what do you see?  Muhammad stands a mass murderer surrounded by wealth and power.  Jesus died the humiliating death of a slave.  Yet one man stands the most influential man who ever lived while the other requires lynch mobs to force compliance.

You can put Jesus in jar of urine, but if you insult Muhammad, these people will kill you.  Do you remember Salman Rushdie?  Do you remember Charlie Hebdo?

I do not accept anything CAIR says is true.  They lie for terrorism.  They lie for Islam.  Most people associate terrorism with Islam.  Do you need evidence?  How many people have to die before we admit this?  Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, Little Rock, Fort Hood, Boston, Moore Oklahoma, Garland, Brooklyn, Queens, St Cloud Minnesota, Columbus, Chelsea.  Every time one of these incidents happens here or overseas, the paid liars of CAIR, say “that this is not the face of Islam” while we learn that the killers scream “Allah Akbar” and swear allegiance to the Islamic state.

Where is your compassion?
CAIR provoked a Twitter War.  CAIR ended the Twitter war by getting Jack Dosey, CEO of Twitter to suspend the offending account.  But that is not enough for CAIR.  Will these people ever be satisfied?  We know the answer.

CAIR never condemned Osama bin Laden for the September 11th attacks on the World trade Center.  Even the United Arab Emirate, itself a sponsor or Islamic terrorism, calls CAIR a terrorist group.  Yet when CAIR sends out a press release, FAKE NEWS chases the story like a dog after a biscuit.  Why?

Social Justice Warriors don't care about poor
people.  They ally themselves with Islam. These lackeys
and serve as dangerous 5th column in subverting
our way of life.
CAIR makes demands but CAIR can’t answer simple questions such as

1) If Islam is so superior to all other faiths, why do you kill apostates who wish to leave?

2) How old was Muhammad’s favorite bride Aisha?  Qasim Rashid says 15.  Ibn Hashim says 9. Hadiths say 6.

3) How would you feel if we treated religious minorities like you the same way Islamic countries treat religious minorities over there?

4) Why should anyone believe you, because in Islam, the practice of Taqiya allows you to say anything true or false as long as it advances the cause of Islam?

Muslims represent 1% of the US population yet all media
outlets bend over whenever they put out a press release.  Why?
5) You condemn ISIS (like we believe you) and yet so many western educated coreligionists are joining their ranks.  Why?

6) If ISIS is not true Islam, why does it call itself the Islamic State?

I could go on, but I learned the hard way when I lived over there.  (Yes, I am an Iraq War veteran - none of the FAKE NEWS seems to mention that.) You cannot reason with these people.  They do not respect reasoned arguments, logic, or practice the principles of non contradiction.  They appreciate force.

Do we have any responsibility to helping the
Christians and religions minorities in
Muslim countries?
You want to deal with Islam.  You have to do it from a position of strength.  You have to prepared to take losses - lots of losses.  You have to commit yourself.  You also have a superior idea to Islam.  The hedonistic practical atheism of the post modern age only encourages to view the West (rightfully so) as weak.

So how do we get strong?  How were we strong?  Western civilization thrived not because the scribblings of the Enlightenment, but because of the teachings of Jesus Christ through Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis and Saint Gregory.  Only Catholic polities can conquer Islam.  Recall the Virgin of Guadeloupe - Our Lady’s appearance in North America has the serpent and the Muslim Moon at her feet.

Islam is very weak.  ISIS has scandalized the Muslim world.  Religious feeling in Turkey and Iran has never been strong.  Saudi Arabia is a wealthy failed state. Egypt overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government demonstrates this.  Most Muslims know their religion is ridiculous.  But the lynch mobs of Islam survive because of the weakness of the West.  We must convert ourselves and pray.

The Virgin will conquer Islam.

Look the Virgin stands on the moon of Islam (the symbol of the demon Allah).

The Virgin will save us.

#DeusVult #Crusade #VivaCristoRey

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